Network Diagrams:Aligning Shapes

There are times in a diagram when you create a number of shapes that must line up, exactly, so that they “look proper”. Visio has a tool that does it exactly right.

Align a row of servers

Lets diagram a number of servers as you see them in a serverfarm. Drag a server onto the page and then “duplicate” it with the Ctrl-D keyboard shortcut. You may have to move it to the right a bit so it doesn’t overlap – it shoudl look approximately like this:


Now lets align these shapes horizontally using Shapes, Align Shapes:


Select the centre on middles. Most of the options here should be obvious.


And now we have a straight line of servers. I think this is a good representation of a server farm.


Other Shapes

The shapes do not have to be identical of course:


will become:



If you decide to group shapes together, then the center that is used may not be where you expect. This means that you may have to ungroup shapes to align them correctly.

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  • Ed

    Great post…just learned something new about Visio. Thx!

    • Greg Ferro


  • David

    Thanks for the tip Greg. However, when I do this my servers end up bunched together or not evenly spaced. Is there a way to space them exactly the same? I’ve searched and tried different things to no avail. Thanks!

    • Greg Ferro

      Use the Shape, Distribute Shapes feature. It will evenly space all of the currently selected objects.

      • David

        Yeah, tried that, but for some reason it doesn’t work for me. I even tried upgrading to Visio 2010 thinking something was wrong with my install, but I get the same result. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. I’m simply creating a new doc, dragging out a server, clicking Ctl-D several times, selecting the group by dragging an outline around all servers with my mouse, Select spacing options and changing to a larger value / OK, but nothing changes.