Musing: Visio 2013 – Some Review Thoughts

Somewhere in my RSS feeds I ended up looking at Visio 2013. Somehow, with all the fuss about Office 2013 it didn’t occur to me that there would be a new Visio.

Visio is something of a burden and blessing. A blessing in that it works OK for network diagrams. Like a old soldering iron, I would be better with a new tip or new unit but I got used to it and can make it work.

Two things come to mind from “brochure”. One, it’s focussing heavily on dynamic shape linking to external data sources. With the rise of SDN and controller based interfaces, it might be interesting to consider representing your network in Visio as a live diagram.

Second, Visio 2013 will move to a OpenXML data format. I have hopes that this could allow OmniGraffle (my much preferred diagram tool) to read/write Visio data files. That would improve my life out of sight.


  • chris marget

    Hey Greg,

    I’ve just started using Visio 2010 within parallels on my macbook.

    A feature I really miss from running within windows is zooming Visio with control + mousewheel.

    The control+mousewheel action now zooms the mac desktop instead.

    Have you found a way to access the rapid zooming feature of Visio while running in parallels?

    • Etherealmind

      I disable the control-zoom feature. I use ⌘+ and ⌘- to do a better job of that.

  • aun manoi

    Hi May be out of stories but if not visio ,What free program youre recommend for network diagram?