Modular Data Centre – on the highway

I’ve looked at this Bladeroom company for a previous data centre build I was working on. Today I was driving down the highway and it was straddling two lanes.

Screenshot of iPhoto

Then I saw that there were three modules on those trucks.

Blade Room Data Center

So, here is my idea for this. You pick a small town not too far away that has a light industrial district. You buy/rent a warehouse or old factory of some sort, big enough to fit as many of these prefab buildings you need. If it’s an old factory it probably has the necessary power and nearby transformers that you needs.

Get this prebuilt kit on order, it will arrive about 12 weeks later. Then take 12 weeks to slots some gear in there with a few fat pipes to your local service provider. In 3 months, you’ve got your own private ‘cloud’.

Just saying it’s a different way of building a data centre. You don’t really need a custom building like Phacebook to make a good sized, efficient, state of the art data centre.

Just think a bit different.


Check out the videos on their website, I think this is a cool idea.

  • caskings

    I do like the fact they are not using standard width containers like some other solutions out there. I always felt the internals were to cramped.

    • Smanby

      Its an impressive deployment at our Wiltshire location and is ready for live occupation late December. Low PUE and a wholesale model.

  • Conrad

    Saw some of these being loaded onto a ship at Southampton as well, very impressive looking structures.

    According to their website they don’t even need an old warehouse, just some available land and they are standalone 60-year permanent buildings.

    We have a large carpark on our site that might be just the job…

  • Ocean6353

    This is a fantastic solution in the Data Centre market, these guys are the real biscuit! Ive seen a number of these ‘Bladerooms being transported by road recently, having looked at there web site it is truly impressive, I understand there currently operating in South Africa and Australia….truly global……with a PUE figure that needs seeing, I think this maybe on the M4 as Ive seen them being transported recently in the Chippenham / Bath area……..looks to be a very professional outfit .I understand they can be located outside and not just enclosed in a building.
    .I understand they can be located outside and not just enclosed in a building.

  • Smanby

    If anyone would like to have a tour as they have a data centre requirement then contact me at