Nerdgasm: Laptop Art – gotta have some

I have artwork on my laptop. It’s my way of sticking it to corporate culture. Sit down in business meeting with a laptop of bright colours – looks of envy! Make the world a happy place.
One thing that makes me unhappy is the corporate dullness that our desks, offices and laptop’s create. And corporate art is … well, crap. In one job they had pictures of happy models dancing and playing on the sun. On a red sofa. At the beach. And the fricking sofa was in the water. And they had swimming clothes on.

I would have had a huge smile too. Paid to frolic in the water on sunny beach. Fan-bloody-tastic.

Yeah, looking at happy people fooling around is gonna motivate me. Pftth. What are they thinking ?

So go and get yourself some artwork for your laptop. People always ask me about it. This is the design on my MacBook Pro and it looks fantastic.


My favourite thing is to bring it out in a high level corporate meeting – cue jealous looks all round. And a smug Ethereal Mind

I love this Gelaskin as well:


Where to buy it

There are two companies that I would use to Infectious and Gelaskins.

I can personally recommend Gelaskins, using them for my iPhone and my 17″ MacBook Pro but the Infectious designs look pretty good too.

  • Nickelby Thane

    I liked the second one. Really artistic. Thanks for the share Greg. I am gonna skin me laptop ASAP 😉

  • Jeroen Zwarts

    If you like the gun and the skull design, you should check out artwork by H.R. Giger. He made these if I’m correct:

    • Greg Ferro

      Yes. I believe that it is licensed by Infectious.