Introduction to OpenFlow & SDN – Presentation and Screen Recording Posted

Following overwhelming demand (nearly 300 people attended the session) and thanks to Ivan Pepelnjak at, we have posted the video and presentations from the SDN & OpenFlow on Tuesday. The complete presentation is available in PDF format, and a video recording is also available.

You really should consider buying a subscription package from Ivan for his webinars – you can get a yearly subscription to all his webinar including recording and presentations. They are all updated regularly and I highly recommend them to everyone. IPspace – Subscription

Thanks again to Big Switch for sponsoring the event so that we can make this content available to you free of change.
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About BigSwitch Networks

At Big Switch Networks, we have a simple perspective: Networking needs a “VMware.” You can look at this as an exciting technology problem to solve (and we do). You can look at this as an exciting industry inflection point (and we do). Most importantly, you can look at this as the opportunity to help enterprises take a quantum leap forward in molding their network to their needs (and we do).

You can access their free and open Source OpenFlow Controller at OpenFlowHub and look for their announcement of their product in the next few months.

The Link

IPspace – OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking

The announcement blog post can be found here Webinar on SDN and OpenFlow on Feb 7th