Humour: Men vs Women described as Machine

Because I laughed out loud at this, I thought I would share it. And my wife sent it to me, so it’s ‘allowed’.

Man and Woman Machine

I have no idea of the source. Let me know and I’ll post an attribution.

  • packeteer

    this is as old as the internet itself. Still funny tho

  • Alex S

    Haha classic :-)
    Reminds me of “Why your loved ones hate videogames”, specially that part about video game controller.

  • Aaron Stanley

    So funny

  • Juliemariehawk

    I think that is mainly because we are doing all those things not only for ourselves , but also for all the men in our lives. Can’t deny it’s true ‘tho! lol

    • Etherealmind

      I’ll defend men and point out that men are often much more focussed on certain aspects of their lives. That narrow focus is just as valuable on getting things done as any other method.

      Women are often perceived as ‘flightly’ or ‘jittery’ but I suspect that’s a tendency to consider a problem from many angles, at a distance, rather than just attack the solution.

      I’m not going to participate in stereotypes other than this though.

  • Suzanne Peterson

    Hey, very good, an old joke indeed but funny – and paradoxically respectful to both sexes, so no-one can be offended!.  (JulieHawk – lol indeed, you are probably busy doing extra things for ‘all men in your live’ coz you choose to have too many men on the go at once (naughty girl!) – and like too many immature girls fall for simple, cliched malleable men that suit your social stereotype of the opposite sex.  The rest of us are more wise, and more selective and choose partners who are better-matched in personality and take care of us (bigger salaries, more energy, higher status, etc, so that it is often them who take care of us and our joint children!