File Catalyst:Unlimitech Software: Pretending to be a customer

So a “Mark Johnson – [email protected]” – posts a comment on my article on How Long it Takes to transfer data :
“This is the exact problem my company faced about 6 months ago. We actually looked at WAN acceleration applicances like Riverbed but then found a software solution called FileCatalyst ( that was way more cost effective. This software doesnít use TCP for file transfer but rather UDP with some proprietary stuff on top of it to make sure it is reliable. We have have been able to maximum our 45 Mbps link from LA to Tokyo. With FTP we pretty much had to ship hard drives with the files it was taking so long.”

However, he works for the company that makes this software. The comment IP is registered to “UNLIMITECH SOFTWARE York Mills UNLIMITECH-SOFTWARE ” according to ARIN. And UNLIMITECH make the File Catalyst software

Companies who can’t be honest and trustworthy are unlikely to be successful. You be the judge whether they are good or bad company to do business.

I have deleted the comment. If you would like to advertise on this blog, please feel free to contact me and discuss.

Updated: The email address given in the comment field is also false and was bounced.