Announcing EtherealMind’s Router Wash

Do you want your network to be the network that your network could be ?

Tired of your network smelling like the third day of a black hat conference ?

You need EtherealMind’s Router Wash. Specifically designed to wash your equipment with a gentle to paintwork formulation, it will dispel those design flaws, clean up the mess of a routing protocol failure and remove the odour of that curry from last night that arrived like a nuclear symphony from the trousers of the Desktop engineer on the other side of the room.

Keep your Network running the way that the Design intended.

EtherealMinds Router Wash

Use EtherealMind’s Router Wash to get the Network your Network Could Be.

  • echo reply

    Do you guarantee your product to get rid of the stench of proprietary pre-standard protocols? I’m also looking for some mouthwash to get rid of the nasty taste left after the OTV, Fabric Path, FCoE omlette that was recently served up to my team. Any plans for a mouthwash?

    • Greg Ferro

      Yes, our Marketing Mouthwash├┤ is under final stage testing as we speak. I will speak to our scientists and get them to build a super strength formula for this exact problem.

  • loopback0

    Greg: You need a vacation….