EtherealMind’s iPad Home Screen

Because I want to see how my iPad home screen changes over time.

Caption Text.

Caption Text.(Click for a full size image)

Main Bar Apps

  • Good Reader – PDFs of Cisco Press and O’Reilly textbooks. Syncs using Dropbox and iTunes
  • OmniFocus – best available, still not happy with it.
  • Reeder – best RSS reader for the iPad. Period.
  • Mental Case – syncs with MAC desktop for flash cards and “anytime revision”

Screen Apps

  • 1Password – synced over Dropbox. External memory unit for logins.
  • Instapaper – for reading everything later. How did I live without it.
  • OmniGraffle – not yet mastered, but I will one day
  • Elements – pure text editing, use external keyboard, stupendously fast thought capture.
  • iBooks – for epub books from various places.
  • Pomodoro – concentration timer – for bad hair days. You’ll know why if you use it.
  • iThoughts HD – mind mapping for design outlines, exports in JPG and OPML format.
  • CarbonFin Outliner – new app, still finding my way.
  • Osfoora – twitter client, only just a bit better than the Twitter version. I paid for it so I’ll use it. Would use Twitter otherwise.
  • Ambiance – for calming sounds to listen when working in the office. Instead of grinding teeth. Or throwing things.
  • Yandy

    I use iBooks for all my eBook reading, PDFs or otherwise.. does PDFs very nicely, never tried good reader