Egregious Use of “Cloud” – Cisco Wireless LAN Flex Cloud Controller

Because nothing says “Cloud Computering” like a Wireless LAN Controller.

Cisco Networking Solutions Increase Security and Mobility with Cloud Services for Branch Offices -> Cisco News: “Using cloud deployment models, Cisco’s new solutions provide the performance and operational efficiency specifically needed in branch environments that are lean on in-person IT support. These solutions help customers dramatically reduce expenses by removing the deployment, management and operational burdens inherent with in-branch hardware.

Cisco is introducing the Cisco Flex 7500 Series Cloud Controller, a highly scalable branch controller for multi-site wireless deployments that enables central management and control of up to 500 branch locations, 2,000 access points and over 20,000 clients from a single data center. The Cisco Flex 7500 Series Cloud Controller also allows IT managers to remotely configure wireless policies, management and security settings without having to physically be in the branch location.”

Apparently the latest Cisco’s Wireless LAN Controller is now a “Cloud Controller”. Oh My.

I’d like to point out this egregious use of the term cloud in the marketing / PR fluff of the press release because the actual product pages makes no mention of the word CLOUD anywhere.

Cisco Marketing #fail.


Hey Uncle John, are you even paying attention to these nutjobs ?

  • Devin Akin

    …I just HAD to comment. I laughed my ass off reading this. You have a hysterical sense of sarcasm! It’s something I can relate to. :) Kudos, and thanks for the gut-laugh.

    Like wifi_princess said on Twitter, this one likely doesn’t even call for use of the cloud blanket. 😛


    • Ferro Greg

      Yeah, well. It just seemed they put an intern on that press release.

  • adama

    Isn’t “Cloud” the side of the network that has no users, but only dragons, isn’t that the point? 😀

  • AndyV32

    So what is cloud in your definition? Name a product that fits your definition of cloud :)

  • Nico

    Cloud Controller, wow.. Can it make it rain?