The difference between Network Managers and Server Managers – pictorial

As I am preparing the presentation to management on the proposed Cloud Computing infrastructure as a result of the consultation, I am put together the following pictorial representation of the data centre perceived scope for Network and Server Managers.

Network Managers

The Network Manager is administers a diverse range of equipment, typically from many vendors. As the equipment is deployed in layers, cost is apportioned according the requirements of each functional derivative. The functional derivation is driven by qualitative analysis of the cost impact and business relevance for the forward looking half year and tri-half year plan.

Most significantly, the application of enhanced network technologies has seen a substantial rise in complexity and but when balanced against the apparent improvements in performance and substantial budget reductions in recurrent charges, this is net positive to the overall business function.

The following diagram has been prepared.


Server Managers

The Server Manager has delivered a homogenous and inelastic environment. The limited diversification has created a ecosystem that has low complexity and low diversity with repetitive and predictable outcomes. The substantial capital investment in licenses and license maintenance continue to be a major concern, as is the sheer number of systems.

Positional Statement

We regard to overall impact of this analysis to be neutral, and that the event horizon for insight in to the operational continuum will be more evident as we drive into the business integrity phase of this analysis.

This work will be delivered shortly.


This article is a followon to the difference between Network and Server Engineers

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