Rant: Deleting My Facebook Acount – Done

I have had serious concerns about Facebook exploiting my information for some time. Their drive for growth and to make money from their captured audience has seen them move over the line of what I regard as acceptable behaviour into unethical behaviour.

I’ve never been “into” Facebook but I am there to “join in”. I don’t like the creepy advertising, I don’t like the “it’s all Facebook” approach, and the mindless prattle that goes on there. But hey, I’ll join in. I’m part of the community.

But it’s all Public right ?

While I am OK with sharing public information and understand it, other people are not and those people are not aware of how to set and manage their privacy on Facebook because it is so complicated. I think that Facebook has made it complicated so that people don’t bother. Are they thinking “make it complicated to opt out and maybe people won’t bother”.

And that’s my problem, they should be convincing people to opt in. Hard to do, sure, but that is the best interest of their customer and their own business.

Therefore I am implicated in encouraging people to use a service which I believe to be immoral.

Secondly, many people believe that this world is full of goodness (instead of crass exploitation) and have an expectation of privacy on Facebook. Young people are especially vulnerable to a cognitive dissonance that leads them to believe that they can express opinions, extreme views, or deeply personal without exposing that data to other parties. People have an expectation of privacy, not unreasonably, and Facebook is breaching that trust. If I can save one child or teenager from embarrassment, humiliation or much much worse, then the world is better place. Stories of lost careers, failed relationships, public humiliation are signs of human frailty for sure, but technology needs to protect people from themselves. There is little forgiveness in public vilification.

So Joining in means I’m supporting, even indirectly, that exploitation and vilification.

Greater Good

So it’s time for me to play my part and join some greater good. If I quit Facebook, then maybe I can register a vote against their methods. Maybe they can change and use their product for better, instead of commercialism and ego. Maybe nothing will happen, but at least I will have tried.

So I’m quitting Facebook. I have deleted my account.

You should too.

Here the Link

This is the link to delete your Facebook account.


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  • http://definethecloud.wordpress.com Joe Onisick


    Great post, more people need to publicly stand out, delete their accounts and publicize that fact. FaceBook needs an eye opener into hw the overall community feels about there exploitation of FaceBook data in an opt-out rather than opt-in method. While a few hundred account deletions won’t make them bat an eye, a public display of the same with enough buzz should have the effect of making them rethink the policy and either publicly chastizing the idea of privacy or modifying their methods.

  • http://business-technology-roundtable.blogspot.com/ David Deans


    I had no idea how many people made their posts public — apparently, without knowing it. This site opened my eyes to the problem http://youropenbook.org/

    Refresh the home page to see another “example” common phrase. It makes you wonder, why people would post this type of personal information in the first place (on what is a public site)?

  • http://www.mtin.net/blog Justin Wilson

    Too bad Facebook keeps your info. Even if your account is deleted, anything in the past they will exploit. The key is if you are going to delete your facebook is several months in advance start changing your information. Different hometown, different e-mail, etc. etc. Mess with the database in otherwords.