Cloud Security Blanket – I’m Safe NOW

At the Tech Field Day welcoming event last night, Networking Nerd Tom Hollinsworth handed out everyone a Cloud Security Blanket after a joke tweet about Cloud Security. Without doubt, one of the most inspiring technical gifts that I have ever received.

I feel that it is important that I show you how it works. There are two modes for Security, Safe Mode and Visible Danger.

Safe Mode

My data has been sent to the cloud, and is now “secure”. As you can see, everything is good, reassuring and wonderful. The Teddy Bears are looking after my data.

Visible Danger
Here, you can see what happens when you don’t have your security blanket. It’s reassuring to note that the blanket is nearby, and that any time I get worried about my Cloud Security, I can immediately take steps to improve security.

The EtherealMind View

I cannot tell you how inspiring and safe it is to have a Cloud Security Blanket. My data is much safer, and I know exactly what is happening at any time.

Everyone should have a Cloud Safety Blanket. The security of the Internet is now solved. All ‘data is now safes’.

PS: Buzzword Compliance

Tom would like to point out the Cloud Security Blanket is buzzword compliant with Cisco BorderLess Networking because it was designed this way. We know that you want Borderless Security and designed the Cloud Security Blanket to have no borders.