Cisco UCS Manager Emulator and Parallels Desktop Mac – FIXED Fail

Downloaded the latest Cisco UCS emulator 2.0 for my Mac today but, as you can see, it is VMware format. My preferred desktop emulator is Parallels because I feel it works faster and better. It’s certainly more MAC-ish than VMware Desktop 3.

No problem, I say. Parallels Desktop can convert those files and I’ll be running in a jiffy.

Sigh. Parallels Desktop doesn’t like the brackets in the system name. I’m hoping that someone from Cisco sees this and can help solve this problem.

People really should stick to 7-bit ASCII text when naming files. It causes problems like this all the time.

PS: I’d log a TAC case but I my CCO ID is not linked to a current service contract so I have no way of logging problems with Cisco. I work for several major institutions but getting a CCO ID added to a service contract is so difficult. This process involves so much paperwork and time wastage that it’s restricted to just a few operational people.


Thomas Christory pointed out that I could edit the files manually. I didn’t think of doing this and so I edited the displayName like so.

This lets Parallels open and convert the VMware image. So, I’m getting a bit hopeful. However, looks like the Linux hardware transfer hasn’t been successful.

This looks something like a problem mounting drives that I can’t be bothered looking into right now. I not much interested in dicking around with Linux these days – too much effort for too little reward.




  • MCL.Nicolas

    Quote : I’m hoping that someone from Cisco sees this and can help solve this problem.

    I think that if someone from Cisco sees this, he/she will notice the IOU Vm running instead of UCS Vm



  • Thomas Christory

    Similar to IOU, I am pretty sure UCS manager emulator is supposed to be internal only…!

    edit : does not seem to be, however coming from the developer site, I am pretty sure there is no support at all available

  • Bill Teeple

    Just download the VMWARE trial for Fusion and rename it yourself within the file and the use Parallels.

    • Thomas Christory

      he can edit the files manually… !

  • Thomas Christory

    I guess you can then use vmware player for that specific vm, it’s free.

    I think the vm tries to mount the device with some uuid and the converter from parallels must have screwed that up