Review: Cisco Press Books in ePub format

I went to my Cisco Press account today and found that my digital versions have been updated with ePub formats. Check this :

Cisco press epub 1

Once it’s installed on the iPad, it’s look pretty good.

Cisco press epub 3

This page has both code and an image and it’s really good reading. I haven’t used it long enough to decide if the PDF version in GoodReader is better than the ePub but I’ve found the iBook reader to be an excellent way to read books.

Cisco press epub 2

The EtherealMind View

So this means that I bought the PDF versions and have automatically received the ePub version which is good news. (Although O’Reilly have done that for all of their textbooks, and release updates to them as errata gets fixed).

On the whole, this is a real step forward by Pearson Education to deliver their content in formats that we can really use.

Cisco Press does announce special deals “$9.99 eBook deal of the Day” at on a regular basis (usually once a week or more ) where a textbook goes on sale for USD$10. Today the sale is for CCNP Switch

You can also follow in a RSS FEED at or you can follow on where they

  • Nix

    I noticed that yesterday, when I bought a switch ebook

    I’m just wondering which ebook format do you guys prefer pdf, azw/mobi, epub?

  • Stephen

    Greg – thanks for point this out.

  • StuckInActive

    The key with ePub is that the book is not an image, and PDF is essentially a paginated image. With ePub the magic is text re-flow. The text size that is comfortable for you is easily obtained instead of zooming and panning. The good thing about the iPad is that you can usually get away with not zooming. But try reading a Cisco Press PDF on something like an iPhone.

    I’m pleased to see that Cisco Press is pressing forward with their content formats and I plan on rewarding them with my dollars.

    Strangely, GoodReader doesn’t support epub…

  • Jason

    Will this be for all titles?

    I recently purchased “IPv6 for Enterprise Networks” and was surprised when their electronic purchase was PDF-only. I’d love to have this on my Kindle, too, but think it is silly to buy two electronic formats (and, in my case, a hardcopy format.)

    I notice the UCS book in your screenshot does not have a ePub version. Are they only adding select titles at this time, or do you have to do something specific to access other formats?

  • Zelina

    I would also like to know, how to find out which ebooks are in ePub format as well. I was not able to find relevant source of information to know before purchase. I have purchased TShoot official exam guide 2 months ago, but it is unfortunatelly available only in pdf format for downloading.
    Was thinking about the recent IPV6 book that was deal of the day, but do not want to end up again with just pdf :(.

    • Greg Ferro

      There is some inform a tion about the ebook formats at http://?www?.informit?.com/?s?t?o?r?e?/?e?b?o?o?k?-?f?o?r?m?a?t?s?/?index.aspx

  • Brannen

    That looks great on the iPad!

    Unfortunately, I don’t have one – I have a 2nd generation Kindle … and I’ve given up on Cisco Press books on my Kindle. The text is OK, but the graphics (drawings and charts) are just terrible – either too small, or don’t format correctly. And for me, I like having the text book in my hands – to make margin notes, highlight, etc. – I know, that stuff can be done electronically, but it’s not the same, for me at least. And, I like having the satisfaction of looking at the pages I’ve waded through – not to mention my growing stack of Cisco Press books.