Cisco Learning Network – Slides on Learning Labs

Here are the slides from the Cisco Presentation on IOS that I though might be useful. Pretty sure that they are no longer NDA. See my earlier post† for my comments about lack of support for consultants, resellers and customers who need to test and validate their own network.

This isn’t anywhere near enough for Cisco’s customers. We deserve much better than this.








  • Mario GIngras

    Ok, so it is just a matter of time until it is available, either via cisco or via other obscure way

  • Phil

    I’m with ya. I just posted a comment on the CLN site pleading for something along these lines for training centers and college programs. I couldn’t possibly buy rack time for a classful of students, so it would be nice to use some officially supported simulated environment for the more complex labs.

  • Ian Bowers

    Just got an email from Cisco today in my inbox at work

    “Prepare for Cisco Certification with Real Cisco Labs

    Introducing Cisco Learning Labs virtual practice lab bundles for Cisco certification preparation.
    For the first time ever, learners studying for Cisco certification can now get hands-on Cisco IOS software lab practice for both routing and core switching. ”

    The prices on the Learning Network website reflect the slides you have in your post. As usual, no love for the security path (remember when they used to actually make books for it?). But it’s awesome to see them doing this at all. Way cheaper than the $300-$500 or so that one typically needs to spend on ebay to get a lab to cover all just the CCNA