Cisco IOS Petition Reloaded

The petition is now closed since Cisco Learning Network announced IOS on Unix for students.

There are 1090 signatures, from 1220 submissions (130 or so unconfirmed email address), and the page got over 6500 view in the last three months.

Thanks to everyone in the community who expressed their opinion and tried to make their work lives better and more effective. I’m not sure how much impact we had on Cisco, but I’m sure our voices meant something.

Cisco still hasn’t provided a solution for consultants, resellers and customers. We still need a openly available

You can find more on my views in this article where I make some more comments.

Thankyou to everyone. Best of luck with your studies.

The Petition WAS Reloaded

Embarrassingly, the first petition crashed and I lost all the signatures. But that’s ok!! Lets do it again. Even if you signed before, please sign again.

Less than one in ten people who visit the page are actually completing the petition, please don’t let the opportunity go by. Note that the petition will send you an email to confirm that you are a person and unique – this helps to demonstrate that the petition is genuine to anyone who wants to challenge the result. tweet

Please use a valid email address.†No, I won’t abuse that email address. Please check your SPAM filters. tweet

We want to petition Cisco for an educational and testing licensing for IOS. We know Cisco has†internal emulators for both IOS and Nexus and could easily make them available if they so chose and we know that at least some people in Cisco want to see them released. tweet

The Cisco IOS Emulator Petition

The petition has now closed as here is the list of everyone who signed the petition. There are 1090 email approved signatures, from a total 1220 submissions (that is, 130 who never approved the email). The page had over 6500 views in the time that it was online and I believe that the vast majority of people looked but did not sign.

Thankyou to the you and everyone in the community for joining in. I’m not sure if we made a difference but I’m hopeful that we helped to make Cisco more aware of what customers need.



Greg Ferro,


Richard Sullivan,

Marko Milivojevic,

Rafael Bianco Nacif,

Brandon Carroll,

Brian Gizzi,

Dave Noles,

Yandy Ramirez,
this would def≠in≠itely be help≠ful to us all

Bill Carter,

Timothy Riendeau,

Neil Fenemor,

Anthony R. Mattke,

Zeeshan Sanaullah,

Ole Jakobsen,

Ben Story,

Dan Paynter,



Jochen Bartl,

Chad Pembleton,

Eddy Michael Acevedo Garcia,


Paul Beyer,
Making IOS avail≠able for edu≠ca≠tional pur≠poses is abso≠lutely essen≠tial for my lab which allows me to stay on top and util≠ise, pro≠mote and buy in Cisco tech≠no≠logy in my organisation.

John Long,

Josh Lowe,


Sean Hall,

Angel Castaneda,

Daniel Dib,

Jordan Martin,

Sebastian Pasternacki,

Brandon Farmer,

Aaron Conaway,

Glenn Attwood,
Being able to quickly setup up a vir≠tual lab to test con≠fig, troubleshoot prob≠lems, and explore new products would be a tre≠mend≠ous help to all net≠work admins.



Erik Burgess,

Keith Miller,

Ralph J.Mayer,

Jason Schmidt,

Johan Denoyer,

Youssef El Fathi,


Mike Duffy,

Runar Borge,

Dominic Perez,


Jason Gurtz,

Jason Myers,

Andrew Saxby,

Steve Barnett,

Matthew Wood,

Charles Flood,

Ilir Mitrushi,

Fabien Broquet,

Kevin Breit,

Jason Lavoie,

Matthew Streb,

Josh Anderson,

Karsten Iwen,

Steve Ross,

David E. Wach,

Rex Choi,

Randy Pope,

Will Dennis,
- Thanks for your con≠sid≠er≠a≠tion of this requestÖ

Ricardo Simba,

Joshua Morgan,

Alessandro Cortiana,

Access to an emu≠lator has huge bene≠fits for train≠ing and pre-??production lab/?testing Scenarios.

John Doucette,

Patrick Swackhammer,

Alexandros Tsourakis,

Andrew Wentzell,

Christopher Grant,
Access to emu≠la≠tion will also drive sales of Cisco equip≠ment. Thanks for doing this.

Ola Karlsson,

Ty Auvil,
Simulation/?emulation tools are vital. Cisco needs an equi≠val≠ent of MSDN.

Scott McDermott,

David Rothera,

Darren Wilson,

Nuno Torres,

Luis Mediavilla,
Wee need it for train≠ing. People trained means more cus≠tom≠ers happy

Rob Gilreath,

Leslie Meade,

Dan Collins,

Tom Setliffe,

Alexandra Stanovska,

Pat McDonald,

Carsten Ellermann,

Mark Lah,

daniel wood,

Kurt Bales,

Evan Weston,

Jay Young,

Barry Jones,


Ted Hajduk,
This isnít just for self-??study?ó?increas≠ing pres≠sure to provide first-??pass yields on pro≠jects or crit≠ical changes make such a test≠ing facil≠ity imperetive. The FIRST VENDOR that provides such a func≠tion will gain a huge advant≠age?ó?releg≠at≠ing other vendors to play≠ing ìcatch upî.

Tim Whisnant,

Curtis Smith,

Paul Stewart,

Raul Lopez Nevot,

Josh Settle,
Its a Win Win for both Cisco and the people!


Vinoth Kumar Arumugam,


Shane Wolsey,

Andrew Hoyos,

Matt Petty,

David Coulthart,

Saravanan Obulisami,


Tyler Bushman,

David Noonan,


Rakesh Mandava,

ugh add ASA sup≠port too?ó?duh :).

Paul Malysz,

Gergely Antal,

Malik Nouman Ahmad,

Dale Shaw,

Nadeem Rafi,
Should be allowed.

Koen Van Langenhove,

Oliver Lagni,

Ivan Todorov Ivanov,

Please CiscoÖ Think of the chil≠dren (oneís who canít afford expens≠ive racks and bootcamps)

espe≠cially ASR series router and NX-??OS :)

Good luck

Tom Ranson,

Aaron Mayfield,


Roy Waterman,

Maurice Zenarosa,

Peter Koltl,

Daniel Rodriguez,


The more people who know how to use to use your product turns into more people who will buy and use your product


Richard Giagnacovo,

Chris Nicolson,

Jens Link,

Istvan Dudas,

Mikel jime≠nez,

Ian Blaney,

Eduardo Collado,

Alfredo Sola,
Pack it up for Debian for bonus points


juan sebastian med≠ina martinez,

If you ever want com≠pan≠ies not to buy HP, make the engin≠eers only know cisco by hav≠ing a free train≠ing product.

Chris Welsh,
Listen to your customers

Boyan Kurtev,


Carlos Mendioroz,

Hubert Hinsley,


Jaakko Rautanen,

Oscar Dobarro,

Lloyd Colaco,
Share the Love Cisco, help make the world green.

Eoghan Cullen,

Mario Arienza,


Thomas McLean,
Donít sell out the community.

Karl Southern,


Leonard Bernstein,

Jose Leitao,

Michael Klose,


Aaron Willette,

Peter Carstairs,
I look for≠ward to this kind of progress.

Andreas Falk,

Wouter Prins,

Adam Loveless,
If I do not know how to use a product before I pur≠chase it then I will not recom≠mend it for purchase.

Ryan Weckesser,

Vaidotas Dilys,

James Ventre,

Carl Gosselin,
If not free the use of a tool like this could be part of a small partner/?developer ser≠vice con≠tract like the Microsoft Technet in the MS world

Jesus Rodriguez,

Roberto Taccon,


clar≠ence Jason DëSouza,

Jeremy Stretch,

Janos Kovacs,

Fernando De Falchi,

Dennis Ward,

Terry Pattinson,

Matt Villilo,


Dan Cook,

Brannen Taylor,
CCNP study≠ing for CCIE

This is a great initiative!


Dustin Schuemann,

Tom Kacprzynski,
Iím sure there are other vendors that would love to provide us with this func≠tion≠al≠ity, please donít dis≠ap≠point us Cisco.

Roman Kalik,

William Pechter,
Could use this for study≠ing networking.

Neil OëBrien,

Erik B. Andersen,

Paul Raymundo,

Tighe Schlottog,
Studying and mod≠el≠ing would be a great deal easier thatís for sure.

Josh Crowder,

Giorgio Pierbattisti,
Essential for studying

Pete Stokes,

Mirko Maffioli,

Brian Chong,


Atle Hardarson,
Need it, both for work and studiesÖ

Carlos Fragoso,

Rustem Tarkhanov,

Josh Sawyers,


IÒaki Martinez Diez,

Graeme Danielson,

Mathias B¯hn Grytemark,

Michael Griego,

Darrell Escola,

Will Niccolls,


Carl Baccus,

Asa Engleman,
Not only for study, but for sand≠box≠ing con≠figs to pre≠pare detailed change controls.

David Lim,

Radovan Brezula,

Joe Cozzupoli,

Ziyad Basheer,
This even has the poten≠tial to increase Ciscoís mar≠ket≠share, how its engineers/?customers per≠ceive it, effect≠ively increas≠ing stock price!

David Rigor,


james thomas,

Matt Long,

Tiago Sousa,
Hope it happens.


Jonathan Axford,
This really needs to happen.

David Caughey,
For whta itís worth Cisco this move would actu≠ally bene≠fit sales. Think about it you leanr on Ciscoís emu≠lator so, which devices are you likely to recommend??



Shane Tominey,

Peter Boekelaar,

Syed Khalid Ali,
This is a MUST!

Bob McCouch,

Ccvp going for ccie. Would help out in my pro≠duc≠tion environment.

Didzis Ozolins,


Adam Hathaway,
Listen to your cus≠tom≠ers Cisco. Your com≠pet≠i≠tion already has this.


Tom Hollingsworth,


Michael Loether,

Ed Weadon,

Boniface sawadogo,

Fredrik Holmberg,

Todd Plambeck,

josh obrien,

Jay Franklin,

Help your≠self, by help≠ing us know you products

Chris Jordan,

Jos Schilders,

Steven Turner,
Come on Cisco! We need a way to study at home?ó?save me from the draughty data centres!

Muhammad Akl,

Thomas E. Tamayo,


Jennifer Huber,


Rares Donca,

Breno Henrique de Andrade,

Glen Cobby,

Craig Tompkins,


James Leavers,

Nick Petterson,

Charles W.,

Mike Fratto,
Nx-??os too, please


Santino Rizzo,

Jon Westlund,

Dmitriy Andrushko,
Good luck for all us!

Brandon Svec,

Jon Still,

Lance Cockcroft,

Derick Winkworth, CCIE #15672,

Stuart Dyckhoff,

Rich Bibby,

Jody Lemoine,

Markku Leiniˆ,

Jim Riedmueller,

Ronel Ronquillo,
I liked this idea, it is great for every≠one. Especially for those pur≠su≠ing certifications

Matthew Maxwell,

Berry Kroeger,

Valerie Merchent,

Ralph Rye,

Vassilis Apostolopoulos,

Nick Ryce,

Jonathan Strine,

Kellen Christensen,

Jeremy L. Gaddis,

Robert Novak,

John Kho,

Steve McNamara,

Ryan Hutson,
This would be great for both work and studying.

Torsten Sala,

Jerry W. Hubbard,

Thomas Hill,

Benjamin Mason,


Look at the approach soft≠ware com≠pan≠ies take with trial soft≠ware and access to tech≠nical resource. Microsoftís TechNet pro≠gramme is an excel≠lent example.

Danijel Krmar,

Rodney Roberts,

Yuri Mecca,

Bart van der Wee,


Joey Hall,

Joe Chamber,
Yes I do too

Christopher Hayre,

Frederick Luce,

dan ander≠son,

Daniel Averbuch,
I hope Cisco enable us to use Cisco IOS for learn≠ing and test≠ing, they know that have the best gen≠eral train≠ing ever.

Phil Ashman,
This is essen≠tial to provid≠ing a way of tack≠ling com≠plex tech≠nical topo≠lo≠gies with min≠imal cost. I believe this to be an oppor≠tun≠ity for Cisco to become an ena≠bler for people to expand their know≠ledge and tech≠nical acu≠men with their product. This is the future of education.

Rowell Dionicio,

Dave Finnegan,

Alexandr Smirnov,
Do it1

Ashar Khalid,

Ken Maina,

wait≠ing for such a help≠ing hand to study at home.


Federico Trabucchi,


Dietmar Gaar,


Justus Pradana,
to have more people learn≠ing about cisco wont kill the market.

Michel Grossenbacher,

Brian Buxton,

Joao Damas,

Emil Ciuchi,
This would be great Ö

Nacho Mateo,

Johan Grip,

J L Peinado,
For a ver≠sion of IOS avail≠able for edu≠ca≠tional and test≠ing purposes

Gorka Rodrigo del Solar,

Alba B·ez,

Sa˙l Ibarra CorretgÈ,

Noe Puyal Tolosa,

Maarten Vervoorn,

Angel Soria,

Esteve CamÛs,

Nacho Sancho,

Nelly AragÛn Padilla,

Inigo Ortiz de Urbina,

Look at the approach soft≠ware com≠pan≠ies take with trial soft≠ware and access to tech≠nical resource. Microsoftís TechNet pro≠gramme is an excel≠lent example.




Eladio Perez,

Rob Limmer,



Jernej Horvat,

Fernando Garcia,

Simon Millard,

Please do it!

Carlos Cruz Luengo,

David Fern·ndez,
University net≠work≠ing labor≠at≠or≠ies require the cre≠ation of big scen≠arios made of tens of routers for our stu≠dents to work on real net≠works. This is unfeaseable with real routers, unless an emu≠la≠tion solu≠tion (like dynamips) is avail≠able.

Universidad PolitÈcnica de Madrid

jose luis,


Francisco JosÈ MartÌn,

Doug Barry,


Jose Ignacio Moreno,



Alberto Garcia,


Jorge Somavilla,


nor≠man phipps,

pete hinch≠cliffe,

David Sibley,


Andre Ortega,

Thomas Taudien,

Nicolae Galusca,

David Hernandez,

Sam Stickland,

Julio Berrocal,

Alvaro Vives,



Michael Zoch,

Juan P. Cerezo,

Andrew Chrich,

Cody Carey,

Jennifer Zoch,

Francisco Javier Ruiz PiÒar,

Jorge E. LÛpez de Vergara MÈndez, Ph.D.,


Jay Young,

How can people sug≠gest CISCO products when they dont know any≠thing about them. Opening up the IOS emu≠lator then people can play with it, be com≠fort≠able with, and then suggest/?recommend them.

scott boss,

Steve Busby,


Dimitar Krstevski,



Why not allow people to learn and get com≠fort≠able with IOS so that they can recommend/?use it in the future? If a Jr. tech is more com≠fort≠able with another product they will tend to stick with it.

Right now Iím try≠ing to get my com≠pany to migrate off Dellís to Cisco with lim≠ited success.

Sandu Adrian,




Chris Diebold,

David Rincon,



Jozef Janitor,

M Cate,
Come on Cisco, you reap what you sow!


Attila Orban,

Scott Lowe,



Richard Tector,

200% agree with Greg Ferro!

Antonio Moraes,
I think this will enhance even fur≠ther the adop≠tion of cisco products and tecno≠logy as more and more people would spread cisco.

Diogo Bernardo Oliveira,

Being able to repro≠duce our designs and test our ideas on an emu≠lator would help us to be much more assert≠ive and con≠fid≠ent when talk≠ing to our customers.


Pedro M. Santiago del Rio,

Claudio Monteiro,

Brandon Wood,



VÌctor Moreno,

Mark Gallagher,

Terrance Doxie,

William Fosket,

Feargal Ledwidge,


Matt Fahrner,

Stuart Hawkins,

Ivan Rodrigues dos Santos,

CJ Infantino,

Petrit Berisha,


Harshad Phule,

Fernando De Falchi,

Jason Granat,

Grant Teague,

Andy Giesen,

Hugh Blair,

Gino Marnoni,
It is a great idea; a valu≠able way to keep up with Cisco technology


Steve Seler,
Thank You for your consideration!


Kevin Mayo,
Many of us spend a career sup≠port≠ing Cisco. Enabling us as Sales Engineers by rely≠ing on Cisco tools rather than third-??party and free≠ware tools allows us to do our job bet≠ter, sup≠port and pro≠mote Cisco bet≠ter, and be the pro≠fes≠sion≠als we aspire to be.

Thanks for listening.

Damien Luke,

Bob Longmore,


Pedro Gomez,

Pedro M. Ruiz,

Antonio Ruiz-??MartÌnez,
As a teacher in com≠puter net≠works I con≠sider that hav≠ing a emu≠lator will allow us to show our stu≠dents dif≠fer≠ent com≠puter net≠work con≠cepts in ìrealî scen≠arios (at least with routers that are really being used world≠wide).

University of Murcia.

daniel himes,

Alvaro Pereira,

star will≠marth,
What a great help this would be to the end-??user, that is, the SMB or enter≠prise tech≠nical staff as well.

Garrett Stevens,

Richard Fairclough,

Please con≠sider allow≠ing this for edu≠ca≠tional purposes.

Miro siman,

Konstantin Zalyan,

Evgeny Khabarov,

I think itís greate stuff!!!

Alexander Kartashov,




Iarno Pagliani,



Faruk Sejdic,

Guillermo GÛmez,

Mark Hilliard,


Alexey Lyzin,

Den V Borchev,
We really need it to test our con≠fig≠ur≠a≠tion and design ideas prior deploy≠ment (remem≠ber cus≠tomer satisfaction!)

Ruslan Denisov,
Some con≠fig≠ur≠a≠tions must be pre≠vi≠ously emulated.

Juergen Rieger,

Michael Dombek,

Zsolt Horvath,



Daniel Grizzard,
Essential to the con≠tinu≠ation of stud≠ies and valid lab test≠ing of Cisco gear.

Alec Waters,


Kurt Bergstrom,
This has been needed for a long time.


Francisco Muniz,

Fernando Segura,

Todd Latham,

Grant Ballard,

Johan Andersson,

Magalh„es Junior,

Would like to receive Cisco IOS for prac≠tice and stud≠ies.


Anchieta JosÈ Magalh„es Junior

Sao Paulo?ó?Brazil



Sergey Khalavchuk,


Chris Crawley,
This would be so use≠ful for test≠ing com≠mands and con≠fig≠ur≠a≠tions and would help us all greatly, and will do the Cisco name no harm at all. Do it. You know that you want to.

builds stronger con≠fid≠ence and train the mind more deeply

Matt Lick,



Do you make core changes to your net≠work without any test≠ing? Why should we?

Matt Bynum,

Jason DëSilva,

Luis Bellido Triana,



Paul Cheyne,


Michael Landau,
Please allow us to use a IOS emu≠lator, it helps with troubleshoot≠ing and learn≠ing new features.

Greg Cowell,
Providing such a tool would give Cisco a com≠pet≠it≠ive advant≠age over Juniper, HP etc. Access to a train≠ing envir≠on≠ment is a key cri≠teria when decid≠ing which cer≠ti≠fic≠a≠tions to study.


Aaron Storey,

David McColl,

Yeimi Eirea,

Jeff Dimond,



David Hoxie,

Steven Juras,

Joel Wheeler,

know≠ledge to the people!

Meindert Baars,

Vladimir Yashin,
I need good emu≠la≠tion for test≠ing and eval≠u≠at≠ing new products and technologies.


Panagiotis Palias,

Jaba Macharashvili,
every≠one needs free ios )

Hubert Wisniewski,

G. Marshall,
they had bet≠ter do this, or iím switch≠ing to HP or 3Com

Jose R. Alonso,

noth≠ing more to say

Chad Teal,

Michael Meinl,

We will double the informal Cisco sales community!


Tom Whittle,

Cameron Wood,



Stefan Renner,


Rick Thompson,


Artem Barsukov,

Pukhov Roman,


Michael Bishop,
Cisco, do the right thing. Help out stu≠dents so they can learn to oper≠ate your gear, which helps make you more money!


Jason Livingston,

Mark Risinger,

This not only helps people learn Cisco IOS, but also helps pro≠fes≠sion≠als test and use tech≠no≠lo≠gies within IOS as part of their job.


Terry McMinn,
Cisco, we need your help in learning!


Dimitris Elefsiniotis,
Iím work≠ing in Cisco Partner and integ≠rator and Iím strongly will≠ing to accom≠plish what this peti≠tion men≠tions. Offer bet≠ter ser≠vices to our valu≠able Cisco customers.

Leonardo Simon,

Kurt Patz,

Alexander Hackenberg,

Victor Sorokin,


Max Clark,

Alexander Neupokoev,


Need it for work and studiesÖ

Charan Laloo,
For the greater Good!

Rodrigo Guerra,

Douglas Ulyate,
This will be a great tool, I am busy with my CCNA, and only have access to emulators/?simulators, not the real thing at this stage. Something like this would be excel≠lent, and increase Ciscoís rat≠ings even fur≠ther in my book.

Grant Phillips,

James Seddon,
Why not provide this licence, at the end of the day all that is achieved is more stu≠dents learn≠ing to oper≠ate your equipment.

chris mar≠get,

Bede Carroll,

chris jaschick,

James Dunn,

Robert Ditzig,

Kalin Hristov,


Peter Lisseveld,

Raul Velazquez,

Simon Thibaudeau,

Bruce Grunewald,

Roman Ammann,

James Sanderson,
Please CISCO!

Aleksey Tsalolikhin,

Solvin Aldana,
we need your help please

Hi all,

Really really really Cisco needs to find a solu≠tion for using legal IOS with GNS3 without spend≠ing 1000ís of $ to get a good one.

I do not sup≠port break≠ing copy≠rights and I do sup≠port open learn≠ing :)

Good luck!

Franklin Davis,
Training is key to get≠ting prac≠tice in using the IOS. Having a free ver≠sion would give more people much-??needed hands on time to bet≠ter pre≠pare them for cer≠ti≠fic≠a≠tion and test≠ing purposes.


I request Cisco to think again and again and make a decision, because this may cause to loose their fame.

Jaime Badua,

Panos Georgiou,
It can help every≠one build more and bet≠ter proof of concept, in order to pro≠mote Cisco solu≠tions properly.

Anders Marius J¯rgensen,

Anouar Belkacem,

Susana Contrera,
ìknow≠ledge to the people!î

chris Hughes,

Gordon Mitchell,

Claus Holbech,

Konstantinos Konstantopoulos,

Thiago Marques,
Sou a favor de uma IOS para estudos, por que o packet tracert n„o suporta tudo!

Rich J,

Merrill Hammond,
Training resources such as a 48-??hour ver≠sion of IOS would be tre≠mend≠ously bene≠fi≠cial to the train≠ing we give to our IT soldiers.


Ryan Lewis,

David Manson,

Alex Demskie,
This needs to happen


Zaher Hamiyah,

David Williams,
IOS should be free to stu≠dents who sign/?accept appro≠pri≠ate license agree≠ments i.e. not for com≠mer≠cial use etc.

James Graves,



I am sure there is a way to limit the pps within the image so it can not be used in production.



Jimmy McDaniel,

Rubin Jackson, Jr.,
Make it afford≠able for stu≠dents.

We will go forth and make Cisco net≠work≠ing devices work well.

Wade Hansen,


Paul Watts,

Gonzalo Becares,


it will really help≠ful, if switch≠ing taken into consideration

Giuseppe Larosa,

Daniel Kutchin,

Javier Juan,
As a stand≠ard, IOS know≠ledge is a must for stu≠dents will≠ing to work in the NGN!

Perhaps a per≠form≠ance crippled ver≠sion of IOU?



Michael Kennedy,

John Leonard,

Itís extremely dif≠fi≠cult to find qual≠i≠fied engin≠eers whoís exper≠i≠ence isnít book based instead of hands on based with IOS. Nexus exper≠i≠ence is impossible.

Tom Handlon,

Kevin Paul,
Iíve spoken to someone within Cisco regard≠ing this sub≠ject. It seems like a dif≠fi≠cult decision on the companyís part, but itís their respons≠ib≠il≠ity as an organ≠iz≠a≠tion with a test≠ing track and large assort≠ment of products to have train≠ing IOS and an emu≠lator to use it.

Alen Samarin,

james mikusi,


Hopefully this goes through, my profs are already think≠ing of switch≠ing to Juniper over Cisco.



Alexey Polkhirev,

Paul Jerome Reazon,

Pls make it available!

Aris Lambrianidis,

Robert Steele,
CCSI 22781

D Lake,
Itís so hard to acquire all the mater≠ial needed to study for these certifications.


Derek Denk,

Kyle Duren,

Carmelo Jimenez,


Rodrigo DëAmico,

It would be won≠der≠ful if we can access an IOS image with the fea≠tures you want to teach from Networking Academies. Thanks if you have the cour≠age to take the decision.


Kevin Alexander,
This would allow more people to famil≠i≠ar≠ize them≠selves with Cisco and increases the likely-??hood that they will fol≠low Cisco career paths. Do it Cisco!

Jitender Bhatia,


John Dickson,
Signed. As a begin≠ning learner hop≠ing to obtain CCNA cer≠ti≠fic≠a≠tion this year to go along with my MCSE Certification I whole heartedly sup≠port this.




Come on Cisco play fair and lets have a little bit backÖ

Greg Moyse,
Currently study≠ing for a CCNA

Sergey Lisitsin,

Mike Wilder,


Ivan Brunello,

Pier Carlo Chiodi,

we need it

Gabriele Beltrame,

Giuseppe Citerna?ó?ccie#10503-,

Davide Rendiniello,

Good idea! to study and to sim≠u≠late real case before get down the cus≠tomer client.Ö

Steven Schwartzberg,

Bjoern Kochanski,

Corey Weeklund,

Dan Devlin,

Paride Desimone,

Gianremo Smisek,
Please make it available!


CCSI# 31211

Andrea DëOrsi,

Joe Hlasnik,


Jeremy Dillingham,


Pls make it avail≠able for any≠one that wants study and deep≠ens ios technology

FermÌn Gal·n M·rquez,

Michael Poff,
Designers/?admins need the abil≠ity to test con≠fig≠ur≠a≠tions prior to deployment.



Kevin Bowen,


Give us the oppor≠tun≠ity to study as good as we can and the Cisco tecno≠logy will be more widespread!


Reinhold Just,
itís needed for so long !

Marlene Knirsch,




Jason Lunde,
Please help us help you! JL, CCNP/?IP

Massimiliano Tognon,
iím a ccie and was very hard and very expens≠ive study fom my exam on real hardware.I think releas≠ing this emu≠lator ëd be very use≠ful for expand≠ing cisco culture

Stefan Wyss,

This would help engin≠eers both in a work≠ing envir≠on≠ment to test con≠fig≠ur≠a≠tion changes, without endan≠ger≠ing a live network.

RÈmy Marot,

maxime chevet,

dar≠ragh long,





Sandro Simoncelli,
or sup≠port dinamips !

Scott Frederick,

Hugh McLenaghan,

Francisco Hauva,

Mark Walters, CCIE #20571,
Have been wish≠ing for years..




Mike Crowe,


Jelmer Siljee,



Marc Abel,
I would wel≠come a sim≠ilar option for all Cisco products includ≠ing VOIP, ASAís, etc.

David Raney,
CCIE #24900



Ben Freitag, CCIE #18617,
Allowing an edu≠ca≠tional ver≠sion of the IOS/?NX-??OS/?IOS-??XE/?XR will open the world of Cisco net≠work≠ing to those who might not have the means or space to assemble their own phys≠ical lab. This also allows pro≠fes≠sion≠als (from part≠ners and oth≠er≠wise) to test out scen≠arios pre-??implementation and will hope≠fully make for smoother cus≠tomer transitions.

Erica Cooper,

Israr Ahmad,

Phil Sutherland,

Samuel Taylor,

Andrea Dainese,


Sergey Marunich,

Austin Freeze,

Calin Chiorean,
Cisco act for profit and this is also OK, but please con≠sider that a (small) part of what is Cisco today is due to the large enthu≠si≠ast Cisco users com≠munity. Please recom≠pense the com≠munity for this, in form of open IOS Emulator.

Thank you!

Garry Baker,
I think an edu≠ca≠tional type license bene≠fits all, like free advertisingÖ

i am CCNA cer≠ti≠fied per≠son now i am work≠ing in CTD as net≠work engineer,i want to write the exam for CCNP.And also i am using the GNS3 for prac≠ti≠cing the configuration,for that i need IOS image file

Fernando Montenegro,


Vladyslav Zakhozhai,

Ian Logan,

Josh Smith,
I am a CCNA and would like to learn more. Packet Tracer isnít deep enough!

Really I felt proud when I got my CCIE num≠ber without even prac≠ti≠cing any of the INE WBís in real racks. Being real rack rent /? own≠ing is a costly option like me to go ahead for CCIE study time. By using dynamips solved my prob≠lem effect≠ively on Ubuntu OS plat≠form.

I sup≠port this ini≠ti≠at≠ives.

This makes lots dif≠fer≠ence and com≠pet≠it≠ive net≠work≠ing Cisco com≠munity associate/?professional/?experts, com≠pared to other vendors in the market.

Time for Cisco to pay it for≠ward to the best sales team theyíve ever had?ó?the cer≠ti≠fied engin≠eers who sup≠port your gear. We would rather use your kit than third party, so give us something!


Chris Gibbs,
Please, please, please it is time for proper edu≠ca≠tion tools!



Mario Iseli,


Shane Blackwell,
I am want≠ing to pro≠gress my career but find≠ing it hard to get into the role without the tech≠nical exper≠ence. A home vir≠tual lab is my only chance without tak≠ing over the house and remortaging it to afford all the new equip≠ment. Plus put≠ting up with the noise, the space the kit takes up and peace of mind from my other half leaves no options but to have a vir≠tual enviroment.


James Clifford,
Do it!!

Charles Henson,
PLEASE! I use GNS3 for everything from my own stud≠ies to test≠ing pre pro≠duc≠tion mock ups. IOS emu≠la≠tion is an invalu≠able tool.

Alexander Deems,


Mumtaz Ali Mian,
It will also help cisco to sell more :), if we know more about cisco and deployment

I am attend≠ing school Online for net≠work≠ing and am self-??studying for the CCNA. A stu≠dent IOS emu≠lator would make me suc≠cess≠ful. As an Online stu≠dent, I do not have access to any actual net≠work equip≠ment. I can≠not afford to buy it either. Give us an emulator!

Steven Shaw,

Jonathan Greenberg,

It would be extremely help≠ful to have a means to train and keep up to date with the latest equip≠ment. Itís tough to stay on top of everything when all you have access to is pro≠duc≠tion equip≠ment.

Having large num≠bers of solid, qual≠i≠fied Cisco engin≠eers and admins out in the field can only help Cisco.

Providing archi≠tects, engin≠eers and admins (sup≠port staff?ó?and those aspir≠ing to be) access to IOSís for train≠ing pur≠poses will only HELP Cisco to grow.


- provide train≠ees with a means to get some hands-??on exper≠i≠ence train≠ing for exams

- provide archi≠tects and engin≠eers a means to prove/?validate their designs

- provide admins with an excel≠lent means to troubleshoot and dia≠gnose issues.

Providing a means to emu≠late Cisco equip≠ment for training/?designing/?troubleshooting/?testing is a win-??win for everyone!

Unfortunately the com≠puter industry at large is not inter≠ested in book know≠ledge. They want actual exper≠i≠ence. A IOS emu≠lator would help us to gain exper≠i≠ence faster and with less finia≠tial outlay.


Joe Razionale,



Christophe Fillot,


If get≠ting IOS for edu≠ca≠tional pur≠pose wonít be pos≠sible than the num≠ber of people mas≠ter≠ing the tech≠no≠lo≠gies will decrease and ther≠fore Cisco busi≠ness will decrease

I can not see how they have missed that!!!!



Pavel Skovajsa,
I am one of the code con≠trib≠ut≠ors to GNS3/?dynagen, hav≠ing a ciscoís own emu≠lator that will be able to use UDP tun≠nels to con≠nect to other emu≠lat≠ors like dynamips&qemu (emu≠lat≠ing vari≠ous other (non)cisco hard≠ware), would allow not only for CCNA/?CCNP stu≠dents to study without the need for expens≠ive devices, but also will enable extens≠ive test≠ing of multivendor/?multiproduct solu≠tions that are present in almost any IT organization.

Michael Flemiing,

LATTE Rodrigue,

That would be amazing.


Josh Barron,
People who are ded≠ic≠ated to self study are going to find a way to obtain the IOSís in one way or another. Having Cisco offi≠cially sanc≠tion an edu≠ca≠tional IOS license for self study would go a long way.

Jack Mathers,

Lukas Skorpios,
Chambers, Juniper is work≠ing on this.Öwhatís wrong with you guys? WE are the ones who recommend/?sell your products, we have a fam≠ily to sup≠port. Show the IT com≠munity what Cisco is about, of course delete the ì$$î sym≠bol from your answer.Ö

Bennet Mathew Eapen,
An IOS emu≠lator would be of immense help. Just the≠or≠et≠ical know≠ledge isnít gonna help. As many claim an IOS emu≠lator would help us gain exper≠i≠ence faster and with less finia≠tial outlay.

Hope we are heard and respon≠ded to in positive.


Please make this hap≠pen Cisco.

Kevin Turner,

Please help us help you.

Matt Nawrot,

Having an under≠stand≠ing of what cer≠tain products are cap≠able of allows a much bet≠ter suc≠cess rate when incor≠por≠at≠ing new tech≠no≠lo≠gies. Having a vir≠tual IOS eco≠sys≠tem allow≠ing me to learn/?test deploy≠ment scen≠arios gives me the con≠fid≠ence in recom≠mend≠ing Cisco products. It is good for Cisco, my com≠pany, and myself.

I am a self taught Cisco engin≠eer and access to an edu≠ca≠tional ios emu≠lator will allow oth≠ers like me to learn the tech≠no≠logy and imple≠ment≠a≠tion without great per≠sonal expense.



Gregory Bennett,


This is essen≠tial for tri≠al≠ing changes without play≠ing on pro≠duc≠tion equip≠ment. Every suc≠cess≠ful imple≠ment≠a≠tion has a dir≠ect impact on Ciscoís reputation.

Andy Smith,




Matt Hill,


Patrick Tomblin,

Need this train≠ing for CCIE and test≠ing new deployments .

Chris Osborne,


Bob Plankers,
As a vir≠tu≠al≠iz≠a≠tion expert Iím increas≠ingly called upon to know more and more about net≠work≠ing for troubleshoot≠ing, pro≠to≠typ≠ing, and design work. The fact of the mat≠ter is that a vendor that provides an emu≠lator for test≠ing, like Arista Networks, NetApp, and EMC do, will see more of my busi≠ness, because itís easy to do busi≠ness with them. The avail≠ab≠il≠ity of test envir≠on≠ments mean bet≠ter res≠ults for my cus≠tom≠ers, fewer sup≠port calls from me, and a much deeper under≠stand≠ing of the tech≠no≠logy by every≠body involved. Any vendor who is inter≠ested in devel≠op≠ing and retain≠ing a fan≠at≠ical cus≠tomer base has an emu≠lator thatís avail≠able to their customers.


Mathieu Nantel,

Ram Chandra Acharya,

i am Pursuing CCIE but i donít have CISCO IOS image.


Rob Reaper,
It is extremely dif≠fi≠cult for some≠body not work≠ing in an oper≠a≠tional envir≠on≠ment to gather prac≠tical exper≠i≠ence on Cisco equip≠ment?ó?there≠fore the neces≠sity of a good simulator

As an act≠ive Cisco user I ask to cre≠ate such image for pro≠to≠typ≠ing purpose.

Micah Byers,

Michal Mroczek,

Anyway Cisco can help the stu≠dent will only increase how the stu≠dent looks at Cisco when they go out into the IT world.

good for cisco if they release free license/?educational license


That is a great idea, just last week i have been put off by cisco to upgrade my ccie lab to ios 12.4.

After spend≠ing over a 1000 pound they said if i want upgrade a need con≠tact a cisco con≠sult≠ant, bad bad I am only using this equip≠ment for learn≠ing not for mak≠ing money.

Thank you

there simply is no reason not to do this, let people learn.

James Barber (CCNA),
I was given access to an ìoffi≠cialî emu≠lator when I was study≠ing for my cert and it sucked. Some com≠mands yiel≠ded a dif≠fer≠ent response than a real iOS would have and many of the import≠ant com≠mands for my course flat out didnít exist. Access to the few switches we had avail≠ably was a con≠stant bone of con≠ten≠tion.

I sug≠gest that the easi≠est way to allow a real emu≠lator would be to allow people to install a lim≠ited ver≠sion of iOS (say to 1MB) on a VM


Lucius Kalbfleisch,
As someone just get≠ting ready to start their own CCNA/?P lab, using IOS emu≠lat≠ors (Dynamips) has been essen≠tial. While spend≠ing 600?1800 dol≠lars for an in home lab isnít out of the ques≠tion, hav≠ing a free, Cisco branded altern≠at≠ive thatís avail≠able to every≠one would be a huge boon to those try≠ing to step foot in the net≠work≠ing business.

John Coke,

Roland Selmeczy,

alvaro de los mozos,

Matthew Rhodes,
Certified under the Cisco CCNA program

Scott Kenley,

Richard Pawley,

Nigel Levens,

Even work≠ing as a Cisco part≠ner isnít the be-??all and end all. I recently tried to grab a Gatekeeper IOS for the cheap 2621XM router I got off Ebay so I could prac≠tice for CCVP. Ciscoís site blocked me from get≠ting the IOS because we donít have any cus≠tom≠ers on are books who have this router that we sup≠port. Madness.

Rob Michel,


David Thomas,


Edward Beheler,
Cisco needs qualifed engin≠eers. How are we expec≠ted to become qual≠i≠fied, without get≠ting time on equipment?




Zack Williams,
The easier it is to learn your products, val≠id≠ate ideas before imple≠ment≠a≠tion, and debug while not affect≠ing an act≠ive net≠work, the more product youíll sell. An emu≠lator helps all those things, and costs you next to noth≠ing. Please do this.



Angus D,


Dhana Kaneshayogan,
I work for a reseller and the reason most of us deploy Cisco kit in new envir≠on≠ments is due to it being the vendor weíre most famil≠iar with and have learned our trade on. Losing emu≠lat≠ors like Dynamips would mean us los≠ing an oppor≠tun≠ity to under≠stand the tech≠no≠logy bet≠ter. It would only be a mat≠ter of time before most of us recer≠ti≠fied with other vendors who facil≠it≠ate learn≠ing on ther devices and transitioned to them.



P.S: Weíre hear≠ing a lot of things about Juniper these days!

Adam Killian,

Adilson Ap Florentino,

Ramires M.

Simon Dixon,

Brad Lisoweski,


Daniel Jackson,


Charles Bronson,

I believe a well trained work force will be bene≠fi≠cial to Cisco and to all their cus≠tom≠ers. Providing a means to that end is only logical.

Better trained engin≠eers require train≠ing mater≠ial, i.e. the IOS at a reas≠on≠able price. We are not ask≠ing for some≠thing for free, the return on this ini≠tial cost to Cisco will be a com≠munity that can handle their products like ìExpertsî.

Dave Noonan,


Alexandre Bormio,



To become qual≠i≠fied, we need tools!

David Bernardo de Oliveira,


Kameron Gasso,

Marcus V Morais,

Fabio de Melo,

William Dias,

John Pacholec,
Help us help you sell and sup≠port product!


Paul Hoyland,


Ryan Nagy,

Adi Arslanagic,

Marcus Burton,

Kiel Zinter,

Alisson Carvalho Freire,

Steve Williams,


Valdir de Jesus Malaquias,


Paul Bundschuh,

Gustavo Mastroianni,

Bruno Felippe,

Joel Jones,
I hope they listen because it would be easier than hav≠ing to work your way through GNS3.

I am an an avid stu≠dent of cisco and have ded≠ic≠ated my life to learn≠ing. Please we need the IOS for train≠ing pur≠pose it is more expens≠ive going to india for a train≠ing from nigeria.

Craig Ferguson,

Dennis Day,


Alan Rose,

Gilvan Cordeiro,

Ian Miller,
Wannabe CCNA!



Nestor Ramirez,

While I under≠stand Ciscoís con≠cerns about the unlaw≠ful dis≠tri≠bu≠tion of unli≠censed soft≠ware, as an employee of a Cisco Gold Certified part≠ner, I would hope that Cisco would con≠sider this to be a ìno brainerî by provid≠ing the means to enable its part≠ners to sup≠port its products. If you donít do this, Juniper and Alcatel will con≠tinue to eat your mar≠ket share.Ö


Dyland Desmarais,

Using Dynamips dur≠ing my colledge train≠ing was a great help it keep≠ing me in the top 10% of my class. Now that Iím work≠ing on my CCIE, any help from Cisco to effect≠ivly train and pass this cert would be appreciated.

Chris Schock,
I think this is a great idea, and would also like to see ìtestlabî type pri≠cing avail≠able. The more people that know Cisco, the more gear they can sell.

Erick JosÈ Maia de Ara˙jo,

Pontsho Mdakane,
Iím a poor

South African , canít afford top of range equip≠ment I like Cisco please help us poor stu≠dents . emu≠lat≠ors make alot of dif≠frence in our lives

Mike Coffey,

Luis Claudio,

Jeff Orr,

mark par≠reno,
please help with hte IOS ver≠sion for edu≠ca≠tional purposes

Barry Gestwicki,

Todd Walker,

Shakeel Rashid,


Andre Posumentov,


Alan Cook,

Peter Landy,

Wasted a lot of money with my CCNA and CCNP Ö! I am switch≠ing to Juniper as from a few months back. Have enjoyed it. Thanks.

Dmitry Shabeko,



pls con≠isider this petition..

That for prac≠tice my certification


roger thiaga,
please help us to achieve our edu≠ca≠tional object≠ives by make a ios available

Rig Villarias,
Great idea!

Ernandes Batista,
Precisamos de mais divugaÁ„o, conto com todos..

Falk Bachmann,
The use of IOS will spread with the num≠ber of users, so just open your mind!


Graham pipes,

Arnaldo Cozin Filho,

Alex Spitzer,

Chrisian Talsness,
Being Cisco Certified bene≠fits Cisco as much as or more than it bene≠fits me. It just makes sense that they would try to keep the cost of becom≠ing cer≠ti≠fied to a minimum.

J. A. Garcia,
Itís a win to win situ≠ation, Cisco must real≠ize this too.

I teach net≠work≠ing to stu≠dents at a tech≠nical col≠lege. The cost of updat≠ing equip≠ment is becom≠ing unsus≠tain≠able as our budgets are being cut. Please release the emu≠lat≠ors to net≠work≠ing students.

Jeff Hobday,

hello.. please provide

Wayne Roberts,

Support your com≠munity of engin≠eers Cisco, donít make us steal just to learn.

Please Cisco, donít fall behind!!! People are will≠ing to learn!

Hugo Lombard,
A freely avail≠able emu≠lator would be the per≠fect com≠pan≠ion to the already fant≠astic doc≠u≠ment≠a≠tion on the Cisco site, enabling self-??students to put the≠ory into practice.


Daniele Catanesi,

Lorenzo Wacondo,


Ian Calderbank,
exist≠ing CCIP, work≠ing towards CCIE-??SP. I work freel≠ance. SPís I work for do not have IOS-??XR boxes and I cer≠tainly canít afford to buy one myself. emu≠lator for XR will make it pos≠sible for me to work on this cert. cisco will still get paid for me tak≠ing the exam!

Tony Brown,

Jovan Miletic,

Waverly Phillips,


Vinicius Valerio,
The more we know, the more Cisco sell.

Vincent Arias,
I LOVE Cisco!! Iím really jazzed about tak≠ing your cer≠ti≠fic≠a≠tion. Please please please do this! I donít know of too many other tech com≠pan≠ies that have ador≠ing fansÖ


Teymur Agayev,


Josh Reed,


Gavin Owen,
Am embark≠ing on CCIE. Would dearly love this.

I am eagerly wait≠ing to learn!

Theo Hoogerheide,


Federico Clariolli,
I always had the dream to work in the net≠work≠ing field since the first time I met a net≠work eng≠ginerÖ

I pur≠chased books and star≠ted with CCNA, spent more than I could buyng real equip≠ment and wanted to go all the way to CCNP and maybe even fur≠ther butÖ Guess you know the story, I could not afford the equip≠ment I needed and had to give up. Iíve been lucky enough to have a job as a systesms admin≠is≠trator but yet I dream about net≠work≠ingÖ I have a CCNA true enough but did it serve some≠thing? No as without actual exper≠i≠ence or abil≠ity to pro≠gress fur≠ther is pretty use≠lessÖ

Cisco please please please make IOS avail≠able to us stu≠dents, donít force people to steal IOS to run inside an emu≠lator just for the sake of learning.


I use Dynamips for my CCIE stud≠ies, but I need an emu≠lator for Catalyst layer 2 switch≠ing. I would also like to test out the new Nexus switches.

Rick Arps,

Rob Miller,


Ronaldo Marins,

Jonathan Merrill,
Cisco edu≠ca≠tion is one of our key issues with our com≠pany. Please help us.

Jarod Mohlmaster,
Donít make it a crime for people to study for your cer≠ti≠fic≠a≠tions. Also, a work≠able solu≠tion for SP exams would likely give those certs a boost as there arenít many of us that can afford proper gear to lab on.

Damian Davies,

Matthew Norwood,

Steve Tostevin,
Why not ask your dear share≠hold≠ers what they think!?!


We need this badly.

Bastian Kleinehellefort,
Just do it!

Andrea Paolini,


Boris Talavera Lopez,
Education is the key for suc≠cess. Hurt your expert≠ise base by harden≠ing self-??study and pre≠pare for mar≠ket share loss.

Steven Glogger,
And please release IOU for edu≠ca≠tional purpose


This is a good idea.

Jesper Revald,



John Schupp,

Jeff Turley,

Nate Lee,


Chris Montoya,
CCNP stu≠dent

Duncan Mossop,
Itís about time Cisco star≠ted mak≠ing learn≠ing more access≠ible for people that arenít made of money to buy Cisco equip≠ment and IOS!

Cracking Idea!


Khanh Tran,

Buu Lam,
For me, it wouldnít be so bad if Cisco equip≠ment didnít depre≠ci≠ate in value over time. But the fact is, like almost all tech≠no≠logy, it does. I inves≠ted a couple thou≠sand dol≠lars in routers and switches to study for my CCNP. I built a lab that could be used with my vari≠ous Cisco train≠ing resources. Itís value is now neg≠li≠gible. Iím happy that I obtained my CCNP and I would love to try for my CCIE but right now, itís just too cost prohibitive.

Luis Badilla,


Better late than never.

Stuart Barrett,
Iím a CCNA and con≠tinu≠ing in my edu≠ca≠tion through emu≠lat≠ors and sim≠u≠lat≠ors. Without these, a vital part of my study will gone. Sure, I have real world equip≠ment, but none I can tinker with like I would with home sims/?ems.

Anders Nilsson,

Chanii Haley,


Brian Moore,

Daniel Swaney,

Adam Boucher,

Darren Strunk,


Paul van der Zijden (CCENT),

Rob Flora,

Marcin Czarnecki,

This will do noth≠ing but make for bet≠ter engineers.


Rahul Jalan,
please tell me where i can get the ISO image of Cisco router & switch

Please allow us to con≠tinue our edu≠ca≠tion by offer≠ing IOS images for GSN3.

Mansoor Nathani,
This would be really use≠ful from an edu≠ca≠tional and test≠ing per≠spect≠ive.


Kenneth Critser,
I for one see this as a great thing for enhan≠cing IOS know≠ledge, but also for pro≠mot≠ing Green IT. I dis≠like hav≠ing 8 cisco devices to emu≠late a network.



Jason Murray,

Anton N.,


Mihai Harpau,

Talha Obaidullah,

Emanuel Machado,
Seria de grande valia e ajuda uma ver≠s„o do IOS para estudantes do net≠acad. Pois o packet apesar de ser uma Ûtima fer≠ra≠menta ainda È lim≠it≠ado na quan≠tidade de coman≠dos aceitod.

Jonathan Davis,
Itís past time for Cisco to offer such an option.


Please give us an emu≠lator we can use to test go live changes to envir≠on≠ments that either canít be 100% rep≠lic≠ated in the real world because of situ≠ation issues or mon≠et≠ary issues.

Henry Biglin,

Ken bourne,

Nathan Farrar,
This would be extremely help≠ful for stu≠dents try≠ing to get a foot through the net≠work≠ing career door.

Ronaldo Resende Rocha Junior,

John Koebel,
Very help≠ful for test≠ing con≠fig≠ur≠a≠tion changes.

Jon Harald B¯vre,
Let engin≠eers prac≠tice, to make them bet≠ter and able to use new fea≠tures without crash≠ing pro≠duc≠tion networks



Ayo Monehin,
I used Dynamips/?GNS-??3 as to aid my stud≠ies for CCNP, CCVP and CCIE and was able to get a bet≠ter grasp of the tech≠no≠lo≠gies.

Making this avail≠able would help guys learn faster and stya on top of their game.


Ayo Monehin

CCIE #24456

Paul Chandler,

Enric San Valero,

Ernie Dulanowsky,


Joshua Gauthier,


Andrew Ellis,

Mike Quinlan, CCNA,
An emu≠lator is way overdue!

W. C. Tierney,
Iíd like to be able to study for cer≠ti≠fic≠a≠tions without hav≠ing to con≠stantly pur≠chase used hard≠ware. My 19? rack is com≠pletely full, and my 23? rack is half full. Please, wonít you think of my fam≠ily life and what this is doing to them?

Martin Gisch,

Steve Ramnandon,
It could mean a difference!


Cisco, weíve inves≠ted in you with our time, energy, and money in order to fur≠ther our train≠ing. Please make this small return invest≠ment in us.




Bob Lyons,
This would be a fant≠astic idea.

sir iím a stu≠dent of ccna and have down≠loaded a soft≠ware gns3 for prac≠tice but when i start it, it demands a cisco ios image?.so i want to have your help that how can i down≠load a cisco ios image please send me a dwon≠load≠ing link to my email.

i will be highly obliged to you.

Rob B,
Come on Cisco, even M$ has a ìNot for com≠mer≠cial useî ver≠sion of office, and an even cheaper ìHome Useî licence for cur≠rent employ≠ees of Enterprise Customers.

Cisco Training Acadamies are all well and good, but excel≠lent net≠work engin≠eers need the hands on exper≠i≠ence with gear in their own time, not in a pro≠duc≠tion envir≠on≠ment or a Corporate lab where their tinkier≠ing (and break≠ing things while learn≠ing) is on the com≠pany clock.

Itís very short sighted clos≠ing the door to the next gen≠ear≠tion of REAL engin≠eers (Not glor≠i≠fied operators.

Great and much needed by all Cisco professionals.

Mark J. DeFilippis,
It is clearly in CIscoís best interest to try to main≠tain a lead≠er≠ship pos≠i≠tion in engin≠eer edu≠ca≠tion con≠sid≠er≠ing the loss of mar≠ket share to niche play≠ers in evolving tech≠no≠logy. As an Architect I am vendor agnostic, but more and more deploy≠ments are going with Juniper. Lack of JUNEOS engin≠eers makes it dif≠fi≠cult learn≠ing curve, in cases the avail≠ab≠il≠ity of engin≠eers, that intan≠gible, will sway things Ciscoís way. Lose skilled engin≠eers hits the bot≠tom line.


David Auckerman,
As a CCNA stu≠dent this would be more than help≠ful to say the least.

Robert Schmidt,
I think an emu≠lator would be bet≠ter than hav≠ing to set everything up in a packet tracer pro≠gram which we used in the Cisco Networking Academy.

Of-??course net≠work≠ers want prac≠tical exper≠i≠ence without which there are 150% chances of fail≠ure in real world. If there is no lab envir≠on≠ment who will dare to imple≠ment tech≠no≠logy in pro≠duc≠tion net≠work ?

If GNS/?Dynamips will end, Cisco revolu≠tion will also not last longer (keep≠ing in mind the huge Chinese mar≠ket and open source soft≠ware)

If Cisco doesnít want people to learn their tech≠no≠logy, net≠work≠ing will remain in dark until another com≠pet≠itor rises with lead≠ing products.

If Cisco doesnít listen to its customers-(we, the net≠work≠ers, who get Cisco cer≠ti≠fied and indir≠ectly run ciscoís busi≠ness) then very soon Juniper/?huawei/?Maipu will lead in net≠work≠ing?ó?surely, noth≠ing is per≠man≠ent

Dynamips and GNS are a huge hard work of people try≠ing to pro≠mote good will thru prac≠tical edu≠ca≠tion and yet make it open source. Clearly ciscoís packet tracer failed for such prac≠tice.

Maximum CCIEís have had prac≠ticed on dynamips/?GNS for their lab. Personally, if I donít get any prac≠tice lab envir≠on≠ment, I would not pur≠sue CCIE. If CCIE donít exist, cisco products sales will also ditch.

Hence dear cisco team, please con≠sider devel≠op≠ing the open source IOS for LAB environment.





Teodor Panayotov,

ser≠gio vanegas,

Angel Smith,

Bruno Duarte,

Alvin Abrams,


Tim Chambers,
id=CSCO117976616 I rent rack time for CCNP study and would like the flex≠ib≠il≠ity and exper≠i≠ence of cre≠at≠ing my own design topo≠logy. Rental often involves being lim≠ited to the rack design avail≠able at the remote site. Security lim≠it≠a≠tions donít allow alter≠a≠tions of WAN ele≠ments between devices (ie. Frame Relay, MPLS)

While spend≠ing plenty on Cisco Press learn≠ing mater≠i≠als and live classes, I just donít have the $ left over to invest sev≠eral thou≠sand on a com≠plex lab for CCNP (and hope≠fully someday CCIE).

Bilal Issa,

Mani Hrolfsson,


craig head≠ing,
If people learn the product, they will recom≠mend it. GNS3 is the greatest, CISCO need to work with GNS people for com≠plete emu≠la≠tion (switches, latest IOS, etc). They could make a lot of money here selling a learn≠ing kitÖ



Sergey Golovin,
Without prac≠tical imple≠ment≠a≠tion or hav≠ing a test plat≠form for all those know≠ledges one gains from books itís impossible to become a pro≠fes≠sional in net≠work≠ing field so that would be great if Cisco could provide us with such an emulator!



Jerold Swan,

I believe that mak≠ing a Cisco IOS Emulator avail≠able would be in the same spirit as mak≠ing inform≠a≠tion on CCO avail≠able to all the vari≠ous cat≠egor≠ies of users of Cisco equip≠ment. I would ven≠ture to guess it would be a ter≠rific value add to the Cisco brand and image!


Keth Nelson,
Please, this can only help your busi≠ness and engin≠eer loyalty.




It is not uncom≠mon for com≠pan≠ies (Microsoft) to offer tools to the learn≠ing com≠munity that enable them to become bet≠ter admin≠is≠trat≠ors and this usu≠ally con≠trib≠utes to the prof≠it≠ab≠il≠ity of the provid≠ing com≠pany, in this case Cisco. This would be a Win, Win for everyone!


Darrel Clute,

Daniel Tams,

Andrew Bold,
Having the abil≠ity so sim≠u≠late an envir≠on≠ment before work≠ing with a cli≠ent to pur≠chase that envir≠on≠ment would be invalu≠able. Having an offi≠cially licensed option from Cisco would enable me to prove to cli≠ents that their invest≠ment would be a sound one.


Louis-??Pierre Morin,

Sven Burkhardt,
ìAn invest≠ment in know≠ledge pays the best interest.î

Benjamin Franklin


Patrik Berglund,

Why wouldnít Cisco make this avail≠able to boost the num≠ber ìexpertsî on their plat≠forms? This would only boost their mar≠ket share even further!

Oyama Hall,
Great and much needed by all Cisco professionals.



Alan Hinton,

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