Cisco Credential Verification Report – checking certification status

I found this today on the Cisco Certification Page. A new feature that lets you send an email confirming your official Cisco Certification Status with a report on the web.

Login to the Certification Tracker

Select publish credentials from the menu on the left hand side.

Enter in the email address of the person who wants to see your certification status. The system will send an email to the person with a URL and a key to login:


The person with the URL and the key will get this report verifying your credential.

I’ll be checking….

I will be in contact with the recruiters and demanding that they include a printout of this screen with every CV they send to me. No more idiots on the other end of the phone claiming they have a certificiation but they:

  • lost the certificate
  • don’t know about the online status
  • mumble, garble, mumble
  • whatever…

Put up or shut up time, people. Make it happen wherever you are and demand it when you interview for new positions.

  • Mohammed Imran

    my certifications status

  • Velmurugan

    Sir, i wrote CCNA exam on july 30, 2010 My friend who wrote that CCNA exam on the same date with me got the CCNA certificate but i Am got the certificate yet.. My cisco id is CSCOxxxxxxxx Please check my certificate.. When will i get that?

    • Greg Ferro

      I have no idea, only Cisco could help you with that. Perhaps check out the Cisco Learning website and ask your question there.