Cisco ASA-CX – No Java

So I’ve been a big critic of Java and the Cisco’s single mindedness on continuing to propagate the worst software client ever – Java for ADSM and IDSM and CSM. And I outlined some information about the ASA-CX [here](

But I watch this YouTube video on the interface to the ASA-CX and my heart leapt with joy at the HTML interface. So much so that I couldn’t get excited about the features, who cares what it does ….. no bloody java!!!!


Oh Frabjous Nerdalicious Joy! A firewall interface that almost works properly.

  • Jimmy Larsson

    If you manage your ASA:s thru Prime you will get an html-gui to Prime. Still, the ASA:s has it´s ASDM if you prefer to not use Prime. 

    Also, there is a lof of confusements around “CX” vs new ASA-models. They have very little to do with eachother.

    CX: a concept of new features in upcoming firewall-solutions. First step is CX-support in ASA 5585-X only.

    New models: New hardware. No CX-support initially.

    Best regards
    Jimmy Larsson

  • Jon Langemak

    Jimmy cleared up part of that for me, but Im still confused.  Is Prime the new CSM?  Or some new type of management software that just configures the context-aware pieces of the ASA?  Please don’t tell me it’s another management server that doesn’t work…

    • Etherealmind

      Prime is a replacement for Cisco “bloody” Works. AFAIK, it’s a platform on which many of the other management apps, like CSM, will use as a GUI and resource centre.

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