Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Software Q&A – Cisco Systems

The Cisco ASA must have new product managers in place. Haven’t seen the Cisco ASA software gets a ┬ádedicated place on Cisco’s web site before. Usually I have to go rattling around the product support pages to find out information about the latest release.

For what’s it’s worth, Cisco ASA 9.0 has following major features (my emphasis, not Cisco’s).

  • Dynamic routing and site-to-site VPN on a per-context basis, providing much better segmentation between departments or between customers
  • The ability to join up to eight Cisco ASA 5585-X or 5580 Series adaptive security appliances in a single cluster, for a linear, predictable increase in performance while providing high availability for always-on data centers
  • Integration with Cisco Cloud Web Security (formerly ScanSafe), which allows enterprises to enforce granular web access and web application policy while providing protection from viruses and malware

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Software Q&A – Cisco Systems.

  • Xavier Veral

    Do you know when is going to be available? Just installing two 5525-X with 8.6; going on production in a week! will be great to have 9.0 on them

    • Anthony Burke

      I’ve seen the SKU but not had a “shipping” date. I’ve been told Q1CY13.

  • Matt Thompson

    They seem to be taking this platform quite seriously, which is good considering I spend 90% of my working day and 75% of my current studies on these devices.

    • Anthony Burke

      I believe the platform is returning to parity with other vendors. You look at such holes that it had in its code that now have been remedied; this again puts it on an even pegging. It is turning back to a numbers game. It has been a $noncisco dominated field for the last 18 months.