Cisco ACE is not EOL or dead ? Needs 40 Million Volts

Steven Schuchart from Cisco Analyst Relations leaves a comment over at Nerd Twilight to let us know that the Cisco ACE isn’t dead. Presumably, it’s about to get “40 million volts through it” to prove it’s “not dead”

Yup I understand that there has been a lot of confusion and difficulty regarding ACE in the press and a lot of generally unnamed Cisco sources. That’s our fault, we were not proactive enough about this.

However, I am telling you, as a representative of Cisco’s Analyst Relations team responsible for ACE, that we have NOT discontinued the current generation of ACE.

My current view is that Cisco is likely to be ditching the proprietary hardware of the ACE30 and probably the 4710 etc to move to Intel motherboards like the C-Series to reduce costs and increase commoditisation.The second part is to develop add ons to Nexus 1000V like Virtual Security Gateway in vPath 2.0.

Most of the major vendors are doing this – witness HP Storage who have moved almost all their storage platforms to commodity Intel server hardware over the last two years.

The head count reductions and closures likely reflect the change to software focus and probably not the end of the product. Still, Cisco has closed a lot of products down over the years and its hard not to believe that Cisco will continue to fail to execute on products and pull them from the market. We have plenty practical experience is Cisco abandoning products because it’s suits them.

via Cisco Puts ACE in the Hole (or Maybe Not) | Twilight in the Valley of the Nerds.


(Monty Python reference FTW!)

  • Anthony Burke

    You have made me smile. Being a Cisco shop with a fairly current ACE 4710 deployment and further expansion on the horizon, I was saddened at the EoL given out. Virtual ACE would surely be welcomed in scalability and easy of deployment.

    Let us hope that the ACE platform defies the other products that gives klout to the idea that a revamp, not a retirement, is on the cards!