Cheesy Network Engineer Jokes – Part 2



@mfratto A runt packet walks into a bar, the bartender says “You could use a byte.” –

@samj: OH: “A UDP packet walks into a bar. The bartender doesn’t acknowledge him.”

@etherealmind TCP packet tries to get past the firewall on the way to the bar. Firewall says “hey, you’re out of order”.

@pello FTP-data packet tries to get past the checkpoint firewall when someone changed the bar policy. “Hey, first packet is not SYN”

_johnmcmanus_ a broadcast walk into the bar, everyone stops what they are doing to look

RT @BartSwinnen An IPv4 address space walks into a bar: “A strong CIDR please. I’m exhausted.” #ipv6

An IPv6 NS packet walks into a bar and yells, “Is anyone in here named John Smith?”. When no one answers, he sits down and orders a beer.

@xme an IPv4 packet walks on a bar and orders a CIDR and says “I’m exhausted” ^_^

Brandon Carroll @brandoncarroll talking about the Last of the Bogons.

A Bogon walks into a bar. The Bartender says… YouĂ­re not supposed to be here! :)

A Bogon walks into a bar. The Bartender says….. I thought you were extinct !

A Bogon walks into a bar and says to the Bartender… Take me to your leader!

  • Alex S

    IM with friend, chatting about BGP, life and universe: “BTW where do you work now?” “AS8304″ “Aaah I see, I’m AS7018″.
    Naming your employer with IP address is so last decade nowadays.

  • Job Snijders

    A grumpy network engineer walks into a bar, and orders a double drink straight away. The bartender asks him “What’s the matter? Why are you angry?”. The network engineer replies: “I don’t want to go into more specifics”.

  • becos

    Three routers were talking in a bar.
    One of them has to go to the toilet so it says:
    “Going for a graceful restart guys, be back in 30 secs”