iTerm 2- Top Tab Tip – Show the Profile name

Quick tip on configuring iTerm 2 to show the profile names in Tabs – because it annoyed me.

OSX: Resize Multiple Font Sizes At Once

Resizing all selected text with different sizes byt he same amount. A tip for OSX users.

OSX: Three Ways to Kill or Force Quit System Processes and Programs

Very occasionally I need to restart a process in OSX. Here some basic suggestions.

Bluetooth hangs in OSX 10.6.6

Occasionally my Bluetooth gets all wrong. Here is quick and brutal fix for bluetooth hangs on OS X.

How To Blank the Screen on a MAC OSX – Updated

Tip for enabling sleep mode with a key sequence that also locks the screen.

How to disable Caps Lock in OSX

Ever wanted to disable the Caps Lock key in OSX. I do.

Uninstalling Flash on Mac OSX for Security

Adobe Flash has another zero day exploit and then I saw this post about removing Flash completely. Here how to do it and survive without Flash.

Apple deprecates Java, Network Management client software goes…… where ? Call for HTML5

Apple has announced the end of Java support for the MAC. This means that all those fat clients so loved by management vendors are looking shaky. About time too, time to piss off those bloody Java software clients and move on.

OSX: Disable Skype Splash Screen on Mac OSX

How to disable the loathsome splash screen when Skype starts

OSX: Mac OSX Screencasts – tips and learning

Short note to share websites which offer very good quality Screencasts on Mac OSX and software. One free, and other for not much money.

OSX: SuperDuper – the Other Backup Software

SuperDuper is the other backup program for OSX. It’s has one killer feature that Time Machine lacks.

OSX: Path Finder Review

It took me a while to get used to Path Finder. Now I can’t imagine using the OSX Finder at all.

OSX: Spirited Away

Spirited Away will minimise unused programs to the Dock so that my screen remains uncluttered. Importantly, I remain focussed on the program I am working on.

OSX: Sizeup – Screen Layout using the Keyboard

If you only buy one utility for Mac OS X, make it SizeUp. It’s my absolute favourite, even ahead of TextExpander.

OSX: Bash Flash – Killing the Flash Plugin

The Adobe Flash player doesn’t run well on OS X. This utility makes sure that it’s easy to see if it is running and kill it immediately.

OSX: iStat Menus. System Status in the Tool Bar

iStat Menus places a whole bunch of system information in the Menu Bar. Everyone should have it.

OSX: Fuzzy Clock

Fuzzy Clock is a neat OS X utility for displaying the time in a more human way in your Menu Bar

Review: goSerial – Console Break for Network Devices on OSX

This is a quick look at the serial console program for Mac OSX called goSerial. There are not many serial consoles programs available and I wanted to review this for my own use.

Dynamips, Dynagen, GNS3 0.7, IOS15.0 and Snow Leopard OSX

It works.

Using Choosy for OSX. A better way to use multiple browsers.

I use multiple web browsers all day. One for typical web, and another for network management. I need a way to easily select which one I want.

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