Network Dictionary: Technical Debt

Define the term “technical debt”

Network Dictionary – Bias Update

This week is the second time I’ve seen an employer change called a “bias update”. It says, I’ve quit my current employment and moving somewhere that will also pay me to say things they want me to say. All of my opinions will now be tainted by the new company that will require me to […]

Network Dictionary: Sonic Screwdriver

Network Dictionary: Sonic Screwdriver


Network Dictionary – Finger Banging the Network

I use the term “Finger Banging the Network” to describe the process of configuring network devices at the CLI. Note that “Finger Banging” is a polite conversational version of the original term “Button F**king”

Network Dictionary – Organogram

The fancy name for a “who is who in the zoo” organisation chart.

Network Dictionary – Remanence

Define Remance


Network Dictionary – Four Legged Salesman

Define “Four Legged Salesman”

Network Dictionary – Network Information Base (NIB)

Network Information Base (NIB) is a term used to describe the network graph that is built by a controller. Usually the network graph is built by using OpenFlow and other methods to build unified view of network topology.

Network Dictionary – Unicorn

Define Unicorn

Network Dictionary – Delaminated

Define Delaminated

Network Dictionary – cVLAN and sVLAN

Define the terms cVLAN & sVLAN

Network Dictionary – oVLAN and uVLAN

When working in overlay & underlay networks, it’s a requirement to be able to differentiate between software VLANs in the overlay, and hard VLANs in the underlay.

Network Dictionary – Stochastic

Define Stochastic in terms of network hardware and designs

Usage of Overlay and Underlay Networking

I’ve started using the term “Underlay Networking” when working with network overlays. Yeah, confusing.

Network Dictionary – Lighthouse Customer

Define Lighthouse Customer

Network Dictionary – Updegraded & Updegrading

Defining Updegraded & Updegrading

Network Dicitonary – reify

Define Reify

Network Dictionary: Bio-Feedback

Explain “Bio-Feedback” in networking

Network Dictionary – Opporchanceties

Define “Opporchanceties”

Network Dictionary – “challenge solving”

Define “Challenge Solving”

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