Nexus 1000, Imperva WAF Intentions, Platforms and Partnering

Cisco Nexus 1000 has been a platform since it was launched, at least, that’s what I’ve always thought. Lately, Cisco has talked extensively about vPath 2.0 offering a multiservice data plane (great podcast with Cisco on vPath 2.0 at Packet Pushers) for service delivery on VMware hypervisors. And sometime NX1K will likely be on Openvswitch […]

Official: Cisco Says The ACE is not dead. It’s just resting.

Spoke with a Cisco spokesperson regarding the ACE and what it’s future looks like. Here is the official statement:

Restrictions on Multi-Context Enhancements for Cisco ASA Software Release 9.0 – Updated

Another sign that it’s time to stop buying service modules for Catalyst 6500. This is not the time for dedicated hardware appliances such as ACE or ASA Service Modules. Mulitcontext support for routing and VPN is not available on C6500 ASA Service Module.   Multi-Context Enhancements Enhances the current ASA Multicontext capability to include support for […]

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Software Q&A – Cisco Systems

The Cisco ASA must have new product managers in place. Haven’t seen the Cisco ASA software gets a  dedicated place on Cisco’s web site before. Usually I have to go rattling around the product support pages to find out information about the latest release. For what’s it’s worth, Cisco ASA 9.0 has following major features […]


10GBaseT – still improving in invisible ways

From a Cisco Live presentation DCT-3860: Cisco is developing a new 40nm 10GBaseT PHY process to replace current 65nm silicon process in the next generation of Nexus 2200 FEXen. 10GBaseT – 40nm PHY  IEEE standard Structured Copper Cabling with RJ45 connectors  Supports 10Gbps throughput for up to 100 meters or 330 feet Leverages Category […]


Cisco UCS Manager Emulator and Parallels Desktop Mac – FIXED Fail

Attempting to use Cisco UCS Manager Emulator on Parallels for the Mac


Response: Distributed? Centralized? Both? – Cisco Blog on OnePK and SDN

In this blog post, Frank Brockners ( part of the Get Your Build On team) gives a detailed and interesting look into Cisco’s SDN strategy and, specifically, how Cisco see OnePK as fitting into the market. At the moment, the future of SDN in the market is unclear. There are obviously point solutions in the data centre as Nicira showed recently but in terms of the overall network market outside of that market SDN is very unclear. I review this article and attempt to summarise Cisco’s SDN position.

NXOS:Show Default and Configured Settings on an Interface

Cisco has been making some improvements to the Cisco NXOS CLI. Here is one that I especially like on the

show interface


Cisco NX-OS CLI Tip – Feature Enabled, License and CLI Syntax

When working on NX-OS it’s kind of annoying to attempt to use a feature that hasn’t been enabled and get an error message. Why not get an “not enabled” or “not licensed” error message ?

Cisco IOS CLI Regex: sh ip bgp in

Vitaly left a comment on a blog post with a clever IOS CLI Regex tip. I though I would pick that apart as an exercise.

IOS CLI Tip: More accurate pipe commands

Quick tip for m


Cisco Data Centre Virtual Symposium – Tuesday, March 27 from 9am

There is so much to talk about in Networking today. I can’t remember a time in the last decade where so much is changing, and so many new technologies. I’m finding it harder and harder to keep up – there is a lot of topics to discuss, technology to learn and ideas to understand. Vendors produce white papers, product information and seminars while bloggers produce articles, forums and podcasts but sometimes a little more could help. Enter, our very first event in a new format – Cisco Data Centre Virtual Symposia.


My Way of Selecting a Cisco IOS Release with a Bug Scrub

Cisco is known for shipping products early to deliver new features quickly. But this leads to a reputation for buggy code which has customers report bugs (and Cisco fixing them). This means that you should never buy a newly released Cisco product unless you are willing to take this risk. This post looks a my process for analysing this risk and then selecting an IOS version by performing a bug scrub. In this case, I’ve been asked whether the Cisco C3750-X switches are ready for live deployment.

Cisco ASA – New Models Ahoy

Reading the release notes for ASA 8.6.1 today and noticed this about new models of Cisco ASA Firewalls.

ASA 5520 and ASA 5540 with only one DIMM Memory Socket – Counterfeit Hardware

There is a significant numbers of ASA5110 chassis that have been reworked to look and act like ASA5520 or ASA5540 firewalls. Refer this bug toolkit for more details.

Cisco Nexus NXOS and Fixing broken “switchto” syntax with alias

Why does Nexus NXOS use ‘switchto’ instead of ‘changeto’ for the CLI ?

Cisco, Culture of Buggy Code and the Failure of the TAC

In recent months I seem to have hit a lot of bugs in Cisco software. Across the board on the main software releases of IOS, NX-OS or IOS-SX I seem to be hitting a wide range of bugs, and some of them are pretty stupid. And I’ve realised that, in recent years, it has become so commonplace, so accepted that we actually plan our projects with time to test, locate and check for bugs. And that’s become an expensive and time-consuming problem.

Why do we put up with this ?

Cisco Press Errata – The textbook is sometimes wrong – Updated

It’s not common knowledge that Cisco Press publish errata on their website that list the errors in their textbooks. And especially the more complicated textbooks, its reasonably easy for mistakes to get introduced between the author, reviewer and editor and the publishing process. You can find the errata like this:

Cisco Nexus 5000 / 2000 Pricing Bundles and Fabric Extension Transceivers (FETs) vs 10GbaseSR SFPs.

Recently I noticed that Cisco is selling “Fabric Ethernet Transceivers” for the Nexus switch family. Some research shows that these are replacements for 10GBaseSX SFP modules. Importantly, it’s cheaper to install new cabling than to buy 10BaseSR SFP+ modules.

Cisco C6500 Service Modules – Not My Choice, Now.

These all suggest that the time for planning and designing Service Modules is over. There are no suggestions that service modules for the Nexus 7000 will be developed that I can see. I can prognosticate that it would slow down the development of the core switch / route / performance functions, and it will be some years before those core capabilities is complete enough that service modules would become viable product development tasks — they might be in development, but not much chance of going into production. [^1]

Do I sound bitter about Service Modules ? A bit. I’ve had a number of hard to solve problems that lasted months before code fixes arrived. I’ve been fan of the NAM but the price is now far removed from it’s practical value. USD$30K List is way over priced for its capabilities and even with a 30% discount, you can buy a lot of network management systems that deliver much better functions and features for that price.

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