Thoughts of My Day: VCE Always Was An EMC Property


EMC announced during it’s quarterly results that it was taking a larger position in VCE. VCE was always an EMC asset, co-operation with partners Cisco, Intel and VMware has never been strong and this simply closes out the current chapter.  The end result positions EMC to also be a “IBM style” company with a full […]

Thought for my Day: Big Data 1966


I’m doing some work for the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the Computational Science team and they have this mounted on a board near the door where I work. I kept the chair in the image to give you a sense of the size of this thing   Here is the printed sheet with the back […]

Thought for My Day: Email Reduction


I’ve been consciously working to reduce my email because Email is an interruption and mostly a nuisance.I’ve been unsubscribing from pointless emails, flyers. I just never use them.

I signed up for a Google Activity report which provides stats on my usage of email and stats are looking good.

Thought for My Day: truth in life is not whether we can remember what we learned in school but whether we are prepared for change

We were less interested in whether students can simply reproduce what they have learned in school, but we wanted to test whether they can extrapolate from what they know and apply their knowledge in novel situations. Now, some people have criticized us for this. They say, you know, such a way of measuring outcomes is […]