Thought for The Day: NetBIOS over IPX

Screenshot of Wireshark (31-03-2015 10:49:13)

I found a capture file from 2002. I must have been troubleshooting name resolution of NetBIOS over IPX for print servers because I am only capturing broadcasts on the Ethernet segment. And Wireshark can still open a data format from 15 years ago and render the data.   I surely do not miss these days. […]

Less Sales, Simpler Products, Easier Buying


Out of sheer frustration this week, I tweeted this and got a big response: The Back Story I’ve wasted about 60 hours of customers time working with resellers & vendors to get a quote for a relatively simple network upgrade. Neither the vendor staffers or the reseller employees knew how the product was licensed or […]

Thoughts of My Day: VCE Always Was An EMC Property


EMC announced during it’s quarterly results that it was taking a larger position in VCE. VCE was always an EMC asset, co-operation with partners Cisco, Intel and VMware has never been strong and this simply closes out the current chapter.  The end result positions EMC to also be a “IBM style” company with a full […]

Thought for my Day: Big Data 1966


I’m doing some work for the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the Computational Science team and they have this mounted on a board near the door where I work. I kept the chair in the image to give you a sense of the size of this thing   Here is the printed sheet with the back […]

Thought for My Day: Email Reduction


I’ve been consciously working to reduce my email because Email is an interruption and mostly a nuisance.I’ve been unsubscribing from pointless emails, flyers. I just never use them.

I signed up for a Google Activity report which provides stats on my usage of email and stats are looking good.