On Apple Disabling Java by Default

Apple is disabling Java by default in the last update which is a perfect solution to the risk that Java presents to the desktop. At the same time, it’s drives a stake into the heart of Java.

Soft Switching Fails at Scale

There is a significant camp of software developers who are developing software switching solutions for hypervisors. Which is nice, I guess. The use of software switching in the hypervisor has some good points but, in my view they are heavily outweighed by the bad. I present the use case, and show that software

Checkpoint/Nokia Firewall Clustering. Uh Oh.

I’ve been reviewing a network that has some CheckPoint firewalls that have been unstable, and while this isn’t surprising (in my experience, it’s common enough for Checkpoint firewalls to be unstable for some reason or the other), this time I’ve been faced with Checkpoint Clustering. A few years back I tried to make this work, but gave up when CheckPoint couldn’t make it work either.

A few years later, I find someone brave enough to attempt it. This time it’s different, I’m the one who has to justify why it’s a bad idea. Now that the manuals are not secret anymore I think I’ve found out why.