Response: Targeted Internet Traffic Misdirection – Renesys

The report shows strong evidence that very specific prefixes were hijacked and diverted to countries where legal jurisdiction could be reasonably assumed to be weak. Renesys does not say which prefixes were hijacked but consider hijacking a corporate PI space and capturing a copy of all the email to & from a large company (email […]

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Mac OS X Maverick – AnyConnect Client Not Working – Cisco Support Community

Cisco software development fails again. Nine months to prepare for Apple OS X Mavericks and the AnyConnect client doesn’t work. Cisco’s poor reputation for software competency is often well deserved.

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Response: You can increase your intelligence: 5 ways to maximize your cognitive potential – Scientific American

I was inspired by this article at Scientific American - You can increase your intelligence: 5 ways to maximize your cognitive potential about the ability to continuously develop and grow your intelligence. The first point he author makes is that intelligence is multi-factor talent that includes elements such as cognition, memory, processing in addition to competency and […]

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Response: Reinventing storage – Ethernet über alles! | Speaking of Clouds

Holy schmoly, someone in the storage industry did something new. Geoff Arnold from Speaking in Clouds writes: Yesterday Seagate introduced its Kinetic Open Storage Platform, and I’m simply blown away by it. It’s a truly elegant design, “as simple as possible, but no simpler”. The physical interconnect to the disk drive is now Ethernet. The interface […]

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Response: Cisco Modeling Lab (VIRL) behind the scenes –

I was part of the briefing this week from Cisco on VIRL. I won’t have time to write my own impressions for a few weeks but Ivan Pepelnjak says: The skeptics will say “Yeah, the same thing as ****, only a year later” … and they might be partially right. However, it seems (so far) […]

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Response: IEEE 400 Gb/s Ethernet Study Group

Surprising. The IEEE are just starting on 400 GbE.  Given that the 40Gb and 100GbE standards took seven years to complete this is lousy delivery from the standards body that is fundamental to networking. The current research indicates that 100GbE will be widely deployed by 2017. Starting 400GbE now is at least three years too […]


Response: Digital Attack Map

This site displays a list a DDOS attacks that are happening at any time. This graphic shows a 300Gbps DDOS in the United States that lasted for six days. Fascinating (and a reminder that you can’t handle DDOS on your enterprise WAN connection).   Digital Attack Map is a live data visualization of DDoS attacks […]

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Response: 5 Ways to Build an Extraordinary Team Culture (which ITIL Prevents)

In this article on INC about building an extraordinary team culture (their words, not mine), I’m struck by divergence from my working environments in big companies who, exclusively, use ITIL processes to define teams in IT Infrastructure. Here are the five points the article makes and the reality in an ITIL compliant organisation: Building a […]

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Response: Getting the most out of HAProxy (The Passing of Network Load Balancing)

Network engineers should know by now that hardware load balancers are not a long term career option. In addition to virtual appliances and Open vSwitch (included in VMware NSX) replacing them, there are a number of application load balancers like HAProxy that make them obsolete. Here is Twilio taking about their implementation: This is the […]

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Response: Taking the Wraps off of Intel’s New SDN Products at IDF

Intel announced the FM6700 chipset at the Intel Developers Forum in Sept and I missed this particularly interesting piece of information that will upset the OpenFlow haters: For the SDN networks, the FlexPipe frame processor can be used to parse and process SDN packets. The switch also supports 4,000 complete OpenFlow 12-tuple table entries that […]

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Response: Cisco Closes Sourcefire Acquisition; Delivers Threat-Centric Security Model

The announcement is a major change in Cisco Security strategy and perspective and, I think, a promising step forward: From a strategic standpoint, we will focus on a “threat-centric” security model moving forward – meaning that we will put a heavier focus on the threats themselves versus policy or controls. Given the fast-changing threat landscape, […]

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Response: Facebook Tech Director Reveals Open Networking Plan – Its Really About Reliability

Can you imagine focussing so much on the performance of a single application, spending so much time and resources on the problem that eventually you conclude that the problem is happening inside the switch. Well, clearly Facebook has the luxury in this article where they talk about what drives their open networking strategy: A few […]

Response: Enterprise QoS Series in 15 parts With Ethan Banks

Ethan Banks is cranking out a series of blog posts on Enterprise QoS. He tells me that so far it has 15 parts.  Here is the first post Enterprise QoS Part 01 – What is QoS, what does it do, and why do network engineers hate it?. And you can see the entire series of […]

Response: So What ? Chaos Computer Club breaks Apple TouchID

Although yet to be confirmed, the Chaos Computer Club have been able to circumvent the fingerprint reader on an iPhone.

Big Deal. Big Hoopy Doo Deal. Golf Claps for the Kleva Kids.

Let me explain. The idea of retina or finger print scanning for any serious security application has long been discredited but not for the reasons that most people expect.

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Response:How to remain secure against NSA surveillance – Bruce Schneier

Bruce Schneier has been reviewing documents from Snowden and believes that all security platforms have been compromised by governments : Be suspicious of commercial encryption software, especially from large vendors. My guess is that most encryption products from large US companies have NSA-friendly back doors, and many foreign ones probably do as well. It’s prudent […]

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Response: Three Bits of Advice from Discussing the Impact of VMware’s NSX at VMworld | IT Connection Blogs

This article from Mike Fratto at Current Analysis is great observation. Here is my view on the core topic: Networking vendors need to embrace homogeneity—that’s my first bit of advice—and present the most homogenous network to the virtual environment they can. By being homogenous, enterprises can swap out networking with far less disruption than having […]


Response: Engineers Unplugged Series 3 Episode 9 – Overlay Networking

While attending Cisco Live USA this year, Amy Lewis put me in the head lock and refused to let me go until I agreed to appear in a video  for the current series of  Engineers Unplugged. Clearly, you can’t say no in this situation. I chose my current topic of interest to talk about ( […]

Response: Sublime Text 2 – Cisco Syntax and Snippets – TunnelsUP

Here is a set of packages for Sublime Text that do some really neat syntax checking and configuration acceleration. Great work from Richee!


Reponse: Morals in IT Security

I can’t remember where I found the link to this presentation that was given at DefCon21 called “The White Hat’s Dilemma”. It’s touches on issues of personal integrity when acting in an IT security position. Well worth five minutes to page through the 35 slides and be thoughtful.         Source: <a target=”_blank” href=”” […]


Published: Evolving SDN: Tackling challenges for web-scale deployments

I was commissioned by GigaOmPro to write a report on “SDN Challenges in Large Scale Deployments”. I spoke with a number of network and virtualization engineers about their perspectives on SDN, the challenges they faced and how they would use Software Defined Networking in their data centres. It was evident during the research phase is that many people are not clear on what Overlay Networking is and just how deeply Overlay Networking will change Data Centre architecture and especially the nature of the networking and security domains.

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