Lying Headline From Business Insider: Cisco Is Going To Crush VMware


Received an email about this article Chambers: Cisco Is Going To Crush VMware – Business Insider. The title  strongly suggests that John Chambers said “Cisco is going to crush VMware” but it’s a lie. The closest that the article content gets is: A cheerful John Chambers told Wall Street analysts on Wednesday that his plan to crush […]

Response: Math and Monitoring


Monitorama has posted the videos from their conference PDX 2014 and I’ve been watching them during concentration breaks. Most of them are very good story telling from real practitioners who have real world experiences. I wanted to call out just two that impressed me deeply. Noah Kantrowitz’s session from Monitorama PDX 2014 talks about using […]

Response: Speeds and Feeds › Of Money, Responsibility, and Pride


Steve Marquess who manages the business side of the OpenSSL Foundation talks about the shabby state of corporate support for open source development. I want to call out this paragraph first (although many other are more interesting), about the courage and discipline it takes to publish your work in the face of fear of public […]

Response: Rate-limiting State and Internet Frailty – ACM


This article from the Association of Computing Machinery and written by no less than Paul Vixie. It is a detailed review of the basic facts of the Internet being smart at the edge and dumb in the middle. By design, the Internet core is stupid, and the edge is smart. This design decision has enabled […]

Response: Best Of Interop 2014 Winners Unveiled


Well deserved Overall Best of Interop  (in my opinion) for OpenDaylight Hydrogen release. As the IEEE and IETF fail deliver on innovation we are turning to open source for real progress & change in networking. While the Open Daylight Hydrogen release is a bit rough, it deserves the Best of Interop award for the reasons […]

Response: A3 Communications – In The Know & Customer Activism by Blogging


Federica Monsone of A3 Communications in the UK has conducted a survey on staying informed on the storage industry. The data shows blogs & bloggers are highly trusted sources for customers. Specifically, decision makers turn to trusted advisors such as analysts and vendors about 45% of the time time, mainstream press about 35% and blogs […]

Response: Clear Sans – Free and Open Font For Your Diagrams

Intel has created and open sourced a font that is very similar to Avenir and I can recommend. Avenir is the font used in Apple iOS. Even though Avenir has been around for quite some time, it’s modern and fresh looking particular on high resolution devices such as smartphones and printed paper.  I also recommended it […]