Response: RFC 7167 – A Framework for Point-to-Multipoint

Frame Relay was to teach multipoint networking to upcoming engineers and we recently abandoned on the curriculum. Now it’s back in MPLS-TP.


Response: Speeds and Feeds › Of Money, Responsibility, and Pride

Steve Marquess who manages the business side of the OpenSSL Foundation talks about the shabby state of corporate support for open source development. I want to call out this paragraph first (although many other are more interesting), about the courage and discipline it takes to publish your work in the face of fear of public […]


Response: Rate-limiting State and Internet Frailty – ACM

This article from the Association of Computing Machinery and written by no less than Paul Vixie. It is a detailed review of the basic facts of the Internet being smart at the edge and dumb in the middle. By design, the Internet core is stupid, and the edge is smart. This design decision has enabled […]


Response: Best Of Interop 2014 Winners Unveiled

Well deserved Overall Best of Interop  (in my opinion) for OpenDaylight Hydrogen release. As the IEEE and IETF fail deliver on innovation we are turning to open source for real progress & change in networking. While the Open Daylight Hydrogen release is a bit rough, it deserves the Best of Interop award for the reasons […]


Response: A3 Communications – In The Know & Customer Activism by Blogging

Federica Monsone of A3 Communications in the UK has conducted a survey on staying informed on the storage industry. The data shows blogs & bloggers are highly trusted sources for customers. Specifically, decision makers turn to trusted advisors such as analysts and vendors about 45% of the time time, mainstream press about 35% and blogs […]

Response: Clear Sans – Free and Open Font For Your Diagrams

Intel has created and open sourced a font that is very similar to Avenir and I can recommend. Avenir is the font used in Apple iOS. Even though Avenir has been around for quite some time, it’s modern and fresh looking particular on high resolution devices such as smartphones and printed paper.  I also recommended it […]

Response: NTP and the Winter of 2013 Network DRDoS Attacks – Network Time Foundation

The Network Time Foundation published this blog post on the problem and solution of the NTP reflection attacks which is a classic case of a “tragedy of the commons”. If everyone involved has done what was right for the community, the situation would never have occurred. If the fix is that easy, why isn’t it […]


Response: Huawei unveils the world’s tiniest Atom Router

This press release from Huawei really grabbed my attention because it’s an MPLS enabled router that is finger sized and built for carrier networks.

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Response: Netronome 100GE Cards Target SDN | EE Times

Dual 100G interface and 24 MILLION flow table entries for Open vSwitch ? And flow setup rates to match.

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Response: Is TLS Fast Yet?

The impacts of market commoditisation in networking happen are occurring in more segments than just whitebox switches and network operating system. The Internet is steadily progressing towards the exclusive use of HTTP for all communication and bypasses the plethora of protocols that were once in use. And even within HTTP, the current direction of the HTTP/2 protocol standards and it’s proposed of TLS encryption for all protocols will radically change many aspects of the Internet.

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Response: Help! My Big Expensive Router Is Really Expensive!

At NANOG 60 this happened – “Help! My Big Expensive Router Is Really Expensive!” Over the past few years, we’ve seen the data center switch market explode with commodity chips, open source software, and the concepts of SDN. All we have seen in the routing space has been bigger routers that need more power, cooling, […]

Response: Dell to Resell Cumulus Linux

Dell and Cumulus Linux have announced a distribution agreement Dell will also resell the Cumulus Linux network OS, running on the Dell Networking S6000, and the Dell Networking S4810 fixed configuration switches. Hardware Support : These Dell switch products  are based on the Broadcom Trident chipset so Cumulus doesn’t have to do much/anything to support the […]

Response: Hardware Meets Software at Open Compute Conference

This video from the OpenCompute conference a few weeks ago has Andy Bechtolshein and Marc Andreesen was rather good fun. Andy Bechtolshein is the driving force behind Arista and many other hardware startups and clearly believes that software is only good when the hardware is better. Marc Andreessen states that software will take over the […]


Response: Pockethernet – The Swiss army knife for Network administrators

Indiegogo project for a pocket Ethernet analyser. Pockethernet is the first smartphone connected Ethernet cable and network tester that is affordable and fits into your pocket. Only for Android OS which means most engineers (not all, but most) will need a dedicated Android device to run the software. But still a very useful bit of kit […]


Response: Cisco Extends ACI’s APIC to Campus & WANs – Reactions and Thoughts

Cisco announces that it has expanded its ACI Strategy to include the Campus and WAN in the scope of the product as well hybrid cloud functionality. Some thoughts on what this means for network architects and engineers: My View – Cisco wants to maintain control and ownership of customer budgets on networking by having a […]

Response: How bad is the OSPF vulnerability exposed by Black Hat? | Routing Freak!

Manav breaks down the OSPF vulnerability from Black Hat 2013 and confirms that it practical and viable failure of the OSPF protocol. So it was with certain skepticism that i started looking at yet another OSPF vulnerability exposed by Gabi, again at Black Hat. Its only when i started delving deep into the attack vector […]

Response: A Conference Call in Real Life – Video

While this is hilariously funny, especially the part about the guy talking to the wall at 1:50, this is why I rarely have telephone conference calls. Remember people, IP Telephony/VoIP is all fail. We all hate web conferences because they all work badly (some much worse than others, thats right Webex I’m looking at you) […]

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Response: Published Workbooks at Fryguy’s Blog

Jeff Fry has been quietly making a significant contribution to the networking community via a series of workbooks on NX-OS, IOS-XR and Junos that provide practical insight and experience into configuring, using and generally making like better.

Response: The How and Why of Flapjack | Fractional

If you run any type of network monitoring system you will know the pain of log management. The firewall team needs one view, the WAN team & DC team need different views. There is a category of software that I call “log and alert routing” and Flapjack is one of those systems   Flapjack will […]

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Response: F5 drops LAB VE price to $95 –

Eric Flores at Packet Pushers writes about F5 making a lab edition of the virtual load balancing appliance available for USD$95 LIST PRICE I was not looking forward to having to ask my boss for several more lab VEs. For several days I was rehearsing in my head all of the justifications I could come […]

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