Response: The Wetware Crisis: the Dead Sea effect Or Where Have All the Good Staff Gone


Nodding my head so hard my chin is hitting my chest. “What tends to remain behind is the ‘residue’ — the least talented and effective IT engineers. They tend to be grateful they have a job and make fewer demands on management; even if they find the workplace unpleasant, they are the least likely to be able to find a job elsewhere. “

Response: My Industry Thoughts in 30 Seconds


Ivan posted his answers to 3 questions posed by a media agency. I got the same email and perhaps my thoughts might add something to the discussion. Q. What can enterprises do to ensure that their infrastructure is ready for next-gen networking technology implementations emerging in the next decade? Hire more people and invest in […]

Response: Open Compute Project (OCP) Formally Accepts Open Network Linux (ONL) | Big Switch Networks, Inc.


This is good news. Big Switch has contributed Open Network Linux to Open Compute Project and been accepted as the standard operating system for whitebox Ethernet. Analysis Customers now have a number of choices for operating system for theirwhitebox switches. I know of the following: Open Network Linux Cumulus Linux PicOS from Pica8 This is base […]

Response: Whats New in systemd, 2015 Edition


Summary of a presentation at FOSDEM about systemd is very interesting. Lots of improvements and practical changes from what I can see that would Linux more usable and viable. But this caught my eye about replacing syslog with HTTP: journald-remoting: the binary logger now has remote support (aka: remoting) via HTTP (instead of the syslog […]

Response: Docker Networking | Chris Swan’s Weblog

I’ve spent some hours taking a look at Docker containers and how they connect to the network. The short summary is “messy” and better description is “train wreck”. Chris Swan has a 30 minute presentation on his experiences with Docker as part of his company VNS3. Docker Networking | Chris Swan’s Weblog. At this point […]