Rant: Why SPB Doesn’t Get Any Attention

Someone made a comment that Packet Pushers hasn’t discussed SPB as alternative to TRILL or other Fabric solutions. Here’s why.

QFabric – What excites me!

I was intrigued and excited about the Junipers announcement last week of QFabric. I was vaguely aware of TRILL and Cisco implementation (Fabric Path), but came to the table (so to speak) with no pre-conceptions of what I might expect.   SCI-FI – Is this just me? Is the Q in QFabric taken from sci-fi […]

Everytime the Cisco Toolbar Appears, God Kills a Kitten.

Everytime the Cisco Toolbar appears, God kills a kitten.

Rant: How much does Cisco Live Europe REALLY cost ?

Got a nasty shock this morning when I went pay for Cisco Live Europe.

The Case for Network Emulators

It’s time to start demanding that vendors make their emulators available to their customers so that we can save money, improve customer value, and increase the Networking Market.

The Myths and Magic of Fibrechannel over Token Ring

This week has seen a lot of talk in the industry around the needs for FibreChannel over Token Ring. Lets take a looks at the Myths and Magic of this amazing opportunity

The TRILLing brain split

The split personality Cisco has exposed at Cisco Live 2010 is amazing: on one hand you have the Data Center team touting the benefits of Routing at Layer 2 (an oxymoron if Iíve ever seen one), on the other hand you have Russ White extolling the virtues of good layer-3 design in the CCDE training (the quote I like most: ìIt all meets at Layer 3 … thatís why CCDE is layer-3 centricî). If youíre confused, youíre not the only one, so letís try to analyze whatís going on.

Cisco Cius – That’s not Innovation, it’s ME TOO.

So Cisco “announced” the Cius Android tablet. It’s not innovation. It’s just a cheap knockoff that’s easy to do.

Has IT certification become nothing more than a racket?

Has IT certification become nothing more than a racket? Something I heard this week made me really start to wonder?

Rant: Deleting My Facebook Acount – Done

I have had serious concerns about Facebook exploiting my information for some time. Their drive for growth and to make money from their captured audience has seen them move over the line of what I regard as acceptable behaviour into unethical behaviour.

Rant: It’s a Yes / No Question & Cisco IOS Software Licensing hell begins here

For Crom’s sake, answer the question. Who let the marketing people write this stuff!!!

OH, AND Cisco IOS Software Licensing hell starts now. I’m calling it.

Google: Meet skipfish, our automated web security scanner. Security Industry – you failed.

Google releases Skipfish into open source for automated web security scanning. The fact that this exists is an inditement on IT Security and their failure to address threats.

Rant: Brocade requires login & service contract to access Foundry Manuals

So, I’m working on some Foundry gear and I’d like get access to some manuals to learn how Foundry works. Except they are hidden behind a login for valid service contract holders. Whats up with that ?

Rant: Which of these 10GB adapters is not the same ?

Look at the these network adapters. One for Server, and one for a Cisco firewall. One costs five times more than the other. Can you pick which one ?

Rant:Cisco – Masters of the Networking World – what’s that on your home page ?

Is Cisco’s home page a complete FAIL today ? Or is that just me.

Rant: People are Not Valuable or Why I don’t attend Office Parties

I am often asked to attend parties with my co-workers for people who are leaving, Christmas or team parties. Then I realised how little it really mattered and got on with my life.


Rant:Why is the IEEE all about secrecy ?

I’m not happy that IEEE hides much of the meeting and discussions that progress the standards that affect all of us. Why does it have to be a secret ?

Rant:Cisco Networkers Virtual – its bad, very bad.

I went to Networkers in Barcelona last year and got a login to the Networkers Virtual. Frankly, what a pile of utterly misguided marketing hype. It’s unusable and not fit for purpose.

Rant:My growing dislike of “cross marketing”

I purchase a new product / thing / software. I delight in opening / using / starting it for the first time. Then, an advertisement spews up for a related product. Lousy douchetards, if I wanted that, I would have bought it.

Rant: Buying from the USA – ccbootcamp

I went to buy a written study guide from ccbootcamp yesterday, cost USD$129, shipping USD$80. I guess business is too good for US companies.

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