Response: Open Compute Project (OCP) Formally Accepts Open Network Linux (ONL) | Big Switch Networks, Inc.


This is good news. Big Switch has contributed Open Network Linux to Open Compute Project and been accepted as the standard operating system for whitebox Ethernet. Analysis Customers now have a number of choices for operating system for theirwhitebox switches. I know of the following: Open Network Linux Cumulus Linux PicOS from Pica8 This is base […]

Being Hacked Is Good For Business! or Why You Need To Security Detection not Security Prevention


I’ve always said that its pointless investing in strong IT security because it will drag down profits and productivity which impacts your stock price in the current quarter. Be prepared for the media campaign that reacts to a security breach and make the most of the media coverage for promotion, exposure and business growth.

Can Network Startups Stay Small and Survive ?


A client recently asked me about startups in the networking space and how to pick the one whose products be around for five years. After some research and reflection, I am beginning to realise that size doesn’t matter like it used to. While big companies selling hardware have big costs, small companies selling software can […]