Thought for The Day: NetBIOS over IPX

Screenshot of Wireshark (31-03-2015 10:49:13)

I found a capture file from 2002. I must have been troubleshooting name resolution of NetBIOS over IPX for print servers because I am only capturing broadcasts on the Ethernet segment. And Wireshark can still open a data format from 15 years ago and render the data.   I surely do not miss these days. […]

Musing: HP Networking Futures after deals with Aruba & H3C


HP Networking will acquire Aruba and now it is selling 51% stake in H3C to a Chinese venture capital firm.  What could this mean for HP Networking customers ?  The sale of a controlling interest in H3C means that HP Networking has government support (blessing?) to sell products in China. The Chinese government has been […]

The End of WHOIS ?

The convergence trend on HTTPS protocol continues to gather momentum. This time it is the venerable WHOIS protocol that is poised to be replaced with RDAP over HTTP.

Response: Open Compute Project (OCP) Formally Accepts Open Network Linux (ONL) | Big Switch Networks, Inc.


This is good news. Big Switch has contributed Open Network Linux to Open Compute Project and been accepted as the standard operating system for whitebox Ethernet. Analysis Customers now have a number of choices for operating system for theirwhitebox switches. I know of the following: Open Network Linux Cumulus Linux PicOS from Pica8 This is base […]

Being Hacked Is Good For Business! or Why You Need To Security Detection not Security Prevention


I’ve always said that its pointless investing in strong IT security because it will drag down profits and productivity which impacts your stock price in the current quarter. Be prepared for the media campaign that reacts to a security breach and make the most of the media coverage for promotion, exposure and business growth.