Switch Prices Will Get Cheaper. Design Models Will Change.


For the last 20 years, L2 tree-based network topologies meant that the only practical design methodology was to buy large, vertically scaled switch chassis for the core of the data centre. This limitation was largely due to the tree-structure forced on LAN networking by Spanning Tree Protocol. For every new device at point Access/1 we […]

Musing: Cisco Playing the Underdog


Couple of quotes from John Chambers keynote during Cisco Live that I seemed to leap out at me: “You are going to see a brutal, brutal consolidation of the IT industry where out of the top five players, only two or three of us will be meaningful in as quick as five years.” “When we […]

Perspective on Arista IPO and Market Positioning


For the last 20 years, a “silicon moat” that has protected Cisco and other networking vendors from market competition. Arista was one of the first startups to embrace merchant silicon,open source software and a modern software development methodology to focus on core value like reliability and features.