VCE chooses Cisco ACI as SDN Strategy Instead of VMware NSX

I doubt that anyone bought a Vblock because it was a market leading networking strategy. I’ve been a supporter of VCE but today I’m doubtful that choosing Cisco ACI is good strategy for their customers. My view is that most customers buy VCE Vblocks as a VMware platform. What VCE offers is a services package of fully supported storage, compute and networking that removes customer risk around VMware deployments while reselling EMC & Cisco hardware.


Understanding SDN: Services, Commodities and Value

One of the key business drivers behind SDN is to extract value from network connectivity. Before SDN, the functionality derived from connecting servers to switches was inherently valuable. In the post-SDN era, the network has services value instead.


Response: Huawei unveils the world’s tiniest Atom Router

This press release from Huawei really grabbed my attention because it’s an MPLS enabled router that is finger sized and built for carrier networks.

Rant: Certification and Training Does Prepare You For The Real World

A common complaint about vendor certifications is that they don’t prepare you for the real world. Well of course not. Neither did high school or college. And thinking about it, my University education wasn’t much better.

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Response: Netronome 100GE Cards Target SDN | EE Times

Dual 100G interface and 24 MILLION flow table entries for Open vSwitch ? And flow setup rates to match.

Amazon - Calling Out Vendors with High Margins - Click for a Larger Version

High Margin Business

As someone who knows that Amazon AWS is a really expensive method of buying compute & storage, I was much amused by the following slides from a presentation by Terry Wise, Director, Worldwide Partner Ecosystem during a recent conference. You might enjoy a good laugh too.


Understanding SDN: Connectivity is Commodity, Services Are Valuable

In short, connectivity is now commodity and it is services that are hard. Understanding this point is key to understanding the SDN market. I take the view that SDN assumes that connectivity is a cheap, low cost and low value business function.

100% Utilisation is a Traffic Jam

100 Percent Utilisation and Overcommitting Yourself

100% utilisation means that you are a traffic jam in the workflow. Don’t overcommit yourself.

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Response: Is TLS Fast Yet?

The impacts of market commoditisation in networking happen are occurring in more segments than just whitebox switches and network operating system. The Internet is steadily progressing towards the exclusive use of HTTP for all communication and bypasses the plethora of protocols that were once in use. And even within HTTP, the current direction of the HTTP/2 protocol standards and it’s proposed of TLS encryption for all protocols will radically change many aspects of the Internet.


Speaking: How To Be A Tech Blogger – Interop Las Vegas

I’m really pleased that Interop have asked me to talk more about blogging and to go deeper on the topic and the result is a new session – Interop Las Vegas – How to Be a Tech Blogger.

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Response: Help! My Big Expensive Router Is Really Expensive!

At NANOG 60 this happened – “Help! My Big Expensive Router Is Really Expensive!” Over the past few years, we’ve seen the data center switch market explode with commodity chips, open source software, and the concepts of SDN. All we have seen in the routing space has been bigger routers that need more power, cooling, […]


Musing: Working for Companies in Financial Trouble

Your employer is having financial problems. There is a lot of pressure to do “more with less”, to pull together and “do the deals”, close the sales before end of quarter. But really, what do you owe your employer in the modern era ? What is best for you ? This situation is one where the modern paradigm of fail fast, fail often and fail early applies.


Quick Look: Netronome for Network Acceleration

Netronome makes silicon that accelerates networking by enhancing the network adapters to very high performance. Want to run Open vSwitch at 15 million flow setups per second ?


Cheap Network Equipment Makes a Better Data Centre

TL:DR A recent project bought a low cost network for the data centre. It cost less one-third of the the market leader & half the cost of a well known merchant silicon vendors. As a result, it is planned to last for two, maybe three years before it will be replaced. From this project I learned that “fast & cheap networking” could make a big impact on new data centre designs and business attitudes. Plus it was much more satisfying as a professional project. I’m now wondering – is networking too expensive ?


Podcasts – The Coffee Break on the Community Channel

I’ve just published the second show in a new podcast called “The Coffee Break”. My co-host is Andrew Conry-Murray from Interop (and previously Editor-In-Chief at Network Computing) and we talking about industry analysis.

What Happened to Infoblox ? SDN and Cloud did.

The share price for Infoblox fell by 50% yesterday. Some thoughts on what happened and why.


OpenFlow, HP Sentinel and Security SDN

HP Sentinel is an SDN Security application that combines a reputation database, HP VAN Controller and OpenFlow to build a Campus security solution. Here is a quick overview of the process and how you can mix existing security technology with standards-based OpenFlow/SDN to provide a useful campus security tool. This product is expected to reach the market later this year.

Response: Dell to Resell Cumulus Linux

Dell and Cumulus Linux have announced a distribution agreement Dell will also resell the Cumulus Linux network OS, running on the Dell Networking S6000, and the Dell Networking S4810 fixed configuration switches. Hardware Support : These Dell switch products  are based on the Broadcom Trident chipset so Cumulus doesn’t have to do much/anything to support the […]

Response: Hardware Meets Software at Open Compute Conference

This video from the OpenCompute conference a few weeks ago has Andy Bechtolshein and Marc Andreesen was rather good fun. Andy Bechtolshein is the driving force behind Arista and many other hardware startups and clearly believes that software is only good when the hardware is better. Marc Andreessen states that software will take over the […]


Net Neutrality and Net Reality

Recently, Dave at DavesBlog made some rather startling observations that Verizon is throttling Netflix traffic, backed up by a comment from some low level help desk staffer that this is true. The technical capability of a person who performs front line technical support is usually set at a low level to match what most customers need. Taking a casual comment as “truth” is wildly unreasonable. Here is more on the reality of net neutrality.

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