Response: Whats New in systemd, 2015 Edition


Summary of a presentation at FOSDEM about systemd is very interesting. Lots of improvements and practical changes from what I can see that would Linux more usable and viable. But this caught my eye about replacing syslog with HTTP: journald-remoting: the binary logger now has remote support (aka: remoting) via HTTP (instead of the syslog […]

Could Arista EOS Run On Whitebox Hardware ?


I was recently asked if Arista EOS could run on Whitebox network hardware. From a blog post on the Arista website on July 1, 2013 : In fact, a little known secret is that Arista EOS was intended to run on third-party hardware. The Arista vEOS control plane provides the ability to run as a VM […]

How Many Hosts In An VLAN or IP Subnet and Why ?

how many hosts in single vlan

It is common to allocate /24 or /22 subnets to a single VLAN but William writes to ask why and whether is related to broadcasts. What is the best subnet size for VLAN allocation and why ? The answer isn’t what you think.

Unreliable Multicast means Unreliable VMware VSAN


Howard Marks from Deep Storage and long-term curmudgeon sent Ethan & I the following email: As I continue to tilt at the VMware windmill I’m facing fanbois telling me that all you have to do is plug the EVO:RAIL in and turn it on.  This of course leaves out the fact that the little sucker still […]