Comparing Embrane and Nicira is Pointless – They Are Different

Had a few conversations, and some articles, where comparisons are being made between Embrane and Nicira and wanted to point out that there are few similarities between these companies.

Predicting What Will Not Be Big in 2012

I’ve been working on making some predictions about 2012 and networking. I like to do this in the year of 2012 (not 2011 like everyone else) and I like to go further than anyone else and predict what WILL NOT be big in 2012.

Using Underscores, Hyphens or CamelCase in Naming Standards

I’ve been considering a small but vital problem in naming conventions in Networking. Namely, the use of underscores and hyphens in object names and devices. It’s a hot topic for argument when the time comes for corporate standards (and when Network Engineers have beverages in a public house). Now, I figure that there are three possible grammar options for making names – hyphens, underscore and CamelCase.


VRRP. CARP. Open Standards and royalties on LC Connectors

In which I look at CARP vs VRRP, the nature of open standards and closed source fibre optic connectors that you pay royalties on, but you probably don’t know about.

Merchant Silicon and Vendor Software – The Hype in 2012

The thing about merchant silicon is how far it has penetrated the network vendors. In fact, it’s getting difficult switches that don’t have the same Network Processor inside as any other vendor. Networking hardware is looking like servers hardware – glue some chips and then market the heck out of your pretty colours.

Musing:Cloud Data, Ownership and Government Sponsored Data Theft

Pondering on data ownership, and whether governements could legally steal data from offshore organisations

Responding: On optimizing traffic for network virtualization

I’m responding to Brad Hedlund’s post “On optimizing traffic for network virtualization” where he seems to missed a key point. It’s about cost of ownership in terms of ability to troubleshoot.

Dear Network Santa, For Christmas can I have ……

I’m sitting on Santa’s knee, and telling him how good I’ve and been and what I would like for Christmas.

When you say it like that, it’s kind of creepy.

European Research on Future Internet Design – White Paper

I was reading this research paper “European Research on Future Internet Design” and was struck by this diagram….

Worklife – Should you take Share Options in your Salary Package ?

A reader wrote asking about whether share options are a good bet. Answer: Only if you think winning the lottery is realistically possible.

Requirements Terminology – Defining MUST, SHOULD and MAY

One of the problems of working with the PRINCE2 practitioners is that the people tend to get highly focussed on definitions in the Scope of Works. A Scope of Works defines what the deliverables the customer is to received.

The problem with a Scope of Works is that it is usually prepared before the work is started and/or fully understood. maybe you have a Gap Analysis, or a Consulting Reports or a Requirements Document to setup the initial engagement (every company has their own name of the same thing).

Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom

Knowledge + Experience leads to Wisdom

What does Twenty Percent Growth Mean ?

Over the years, I’ve had many CIO/CTO deliver the news that the company plans to have twenty percent growth for the next five years. I’ve often noticed that most people in IT Infrastructure don’t find this staggering. I find it hard to believe that many people just blindly accept this and fail to make the differences when planning.

So Long and Farewell ATM : EOS & EOL for Cisco MGX Media Gateway Product Family

It’s been a long time coming but this EOL/EOS notice from Cisco on the MGX family signals the final death throes for ATM.

Rant: Who is Cisco’s Customer ? Me or the reseller ?

I resent the fact that Cisco partners get more information than Customers on Cisco’s website. Shows you who Cisco thinks the Customer really is.

What special powers do resellers have that makes them more effective ?

How does withholding information from Customers give a better outcome ?

Me ? Many resellers are not competent enough to be business and need a headstart to be useful to customers. Without some sort of “special needs” assistance, they wouldn’t be in the race.

Too harsh ? IBM and HP don’t rely on resellers to win business. Why does Cisco ?

RFC 6244 – Network Management Using NETCONF and YANG

I’ve been watching NETCONF and YANG for about four years and it seems that it might be breaking through the noise to set a new standard for Network Management data exchange. In short, SNMP isn’t working and the next generation of “blah blah Cloud” will require more sophisticated communication than SNMP can handle. In the last four years, NETCONF has matured and slowly percolated its way through the industry. Now that is has teamed up with YANG we have something that looks like it’s about to burst into the mainstream.

vCenter Integration Mantra – vEverything is Not Wise.

One of the problems of the dominance of VMware is that many engineers see the entire Infrastructure solution framed and solved within the reference of VMware products. VMware is a great product, and have good market positioning, but there are other products in the markets such as Xen, HyperV that also are markets for management tools.

Calling for all products to conform to VMware’s view of the world is a bit narrow and self-centred. I hope it doesn’t become wide spread. Or you’ll end up like networking where people only understand Cisco’s way of networking and now that Cisco isn’t quite a good as it used to be, it’s a complicated and challenging time in the networking business.

HP Is Not the Death Star – But HP Doesn’t have a Firewall

HP doesn’t have a firewall product in Western markets. Why the bloody hell not ?

Egregious Use of “Cloud” – Cisco Wireless LAN Flex Cloud Controller

Because nothing says “Cloud Computering” like a Wireless LAN Controller.

EOL/EOS for the Cisco NAC Network Module (Clean Access) – Cisco Systems

Makes me wonder if Cisco’s commitment to Network Modules is a thing of the past. I would think that the cost of appliances is cheaper and easier to build (because of merchant silicon/commodity hardware whereas the ongoing development of the modules would be relatively difficult.

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