The Cloud Isn’t Cheap – Part four or five I think


Recently, I wrote ConsultoBabble Report for Cloud Deployment of wherein I pointed out that Cloud Computing is not cheap. It’s cheap in terms of CapEx, but expensive as OpEx. Over a five year ROI, I’ve never managed to make a significant corporate project come out cheaper with cloud services of any sort. It’s always […]

Seth Godin on Offshore Call Centres has parallels with Offshore Network Operations

Seth Godin strikes a chord with how I view outsourcing network administration and network operations except that he is talking about offshore call centres being “scalable engines of annoyance”. That’s a brilliant summary of my experience when working with Service Providers using offshore operations. Or customers with outsourced network management.

Is OpenFlow Open ? I Ask – Compared to What ?

In this post, I’m considering whether the Open Networking Foundation is the correct process for managing and developing the "open standards" for OpenFlow. The Open Networking Foundation is owned and funded by a cabal of large corporations whose requirements for improving their hyper-scale data centres is the primary motivation. But what about the wider marketplace including the Campus and the Enterprise. I also look at what open means at the controller layer.