Activist Customer or Citizen Analyst

Just because I share my opinion publicly doesn’t make me an analyst. I’d rather be known as an Activist Customer than a Citizen Analyst since there is widespread perception that industry analysts are biased or easily influenced.


VCE chooses Cisco ACI as SDN Strategy Instead of VMware NSX

I doubt that anyone bought a Vblock because it was a market leading networking strategy. I’ve been a supporter of VCE but today I’m doubtful that choosing Cisco ACI is good strategy for their customers. My view is that most customers buy VCE Vblocks as a VMware platform. What VCE offers is a services package of fully supported storage, compute and networking that removes customer risk around VMware deployments while reselling EMC & Cisco hardware.

◎ Are We At Peak Networking Pricing ? What Will Commoditisation Deliver ?

Many people are predicting that networking will become a heavily commoditised with cheap white box hardware in the next few years. But I don’t believe commoditisation will happen the way that most people expect. So in this article I’m working through different ideas and concepts on product pricing and perceived value of networking as a whole. I would welcome discussion on this, I’m not completely confident that I’ve got my ideas locked down here. See you in the comments !

My 2013 Intentions

Thought for My Day: My Intentions for 2013

I’m not the sort of person who sets myself goals because I believe that settings goals is practicing failure. I would prefer to think of my life as a work in progress or a continuous cycle of improvement. Just because I’m doing something well today doesn’t mean I can’t do it better tomorrow, or be ready for a new opportunity.

Your thinking & attitudes should never be limited by a milestone or goals. That sets a stage for u proposition nderachievement or limited horizons. If you are focussed on a goal, you could miss a better opportunity. Total focus might achieve short term goals like a certification or an exam result but life isn’t a short term.

For example, whatever goals I might have set for Packet Pushers Podcast, I could never have imagined that we would exceed a 1 million downloads in 2012. I mean, Packet Pushers podcasts are downloaded on average 2000 times a day! Hard to imagine or plan for that.

I aim to achieve excellence every day and at everything. There isn’t a single goal I could set to achieve that.

OK, that sounds like I’m a tosspot, but hey, that’s what I do so I’ll own it.

Here is a Mind Map that I put together to consider what my “resolutions” are for the new year. These are ‘things’ that I need to work on, attitudes I need to change, rules to judge life choices by, and create a good outlook on life.

Towel Head with Phone

Getting Less Interruptions and More Time By Not Answering the Phone

I have a problem with interruptions as distractions. I spend a lot of time concentrating on writing and researching and concentration breaks are the worst thing for me. I rarely recover when it happens.

My primary source of interruptions was phone calls. I used to have many many phone calls asking for assistance, advice and input until I realised I wasn’t doing real work. In fact, I spent most of my time doing someone elses work. Then I would spend more of my time doing my work. That’s wasn’t fair to me or my family.

My solution to this problem was simple but it took sometime to work it out. It’s really simple and anyone can do it but it takes learning a new skill.

Thought for My Day – Networking Childhood

When I was a young man, it strikes me that everything seemed like it possible. I could be anything, I could do anything. As an adult, I’ve made choices and have deep commitments that prevent me me being able to do “anything”. I can only choose from the available options. What’s left in my power […]


Response:IT Adoption Cycle (There, I Fixed It)

Saw this chart about Enterprise IT adoption the other day. Got pretty annoyed about the obvious mistakes so I just had to fix it up.

NXOS:Show Default and Configured Settings on an Interface

Cisco has been making some improvements to the Cisco NXOS CLI. Here is one that I especially like on the

show interface


Cognitive Biases and Being a Fallible Human

I’m often involved in decisions, either on my own or as part of the team or providing information to someone else. When researching a product or a technology, I try to be conscious of how I perceive problems, how I react to the data I have available or whether I have the right data. I consider whether my current frame of mind is positive or negative, am I tired. Did some person from a particular company make me angry, or excite me ? Does this affect my perception of a vendor or their product ?

Response: DONT Thank the veteran you know today | Colin McNamara

Colin McNamara posted about his experiences on returning to civilian life on US Memorial Day. I found this moving and inspiring.


Does SDN represent the evolution of Network Management ? Yes but No It Doesn’t

SDN/OpenFlow is about Network Management, at least, in part. But the rich tools for software control dont’ exist. I also think don’t think that todays management _platforms_ (such as Tivoli, OpenView and BMC) are suitable for network orchestration in the future.

Check Point launches ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus and Firewall 2013

Once upon a time, ZoneAlarm was the best personal firewall available. It was free, stable and excellent. I seem to remember using it from 2002-2003 or so – then Zonealarm was acquired by CheckPoint and the product was lost to the retail market. CheckPoint moved the product to corporate desktops and was lost to the […]


The Cloud Isn’t Cheap – Part four or five I think

Recently, I wrote ConsultoBabble Report for Cloud Deployment of wherein I pointed out that Cloud Computing is not cheap. It’s cheap in terms of CapEx, but expensive as OpEx. Over a five year ROI, I’ve never managed to make a significant corporate project come out cheaper with cloud services of any sort. It’s always […]


OpenFlow might lower CapEx while SDN will increase OpEx

A lot of people have talked extensively about OpenFlow making significant changes to the networking business. In particular, many writers have focussed on the possibility that OpenFlow enables a choice of using low cost network equipment instead of the expensive networking equipment that we use today.

Well, that’s highly unlikely.

Seth Godin on Offshore Call Centres has parallels with Offshore Network Operations

Seth Godin strikes a chord with how I view outsourcing network administration and network operations except that he is talking about offshore call centres being “scalable engines of annoyance”. That’s a brilliant summary of my experience when working with Service Providers using offshore operations. Or customers with outsourced network management.


Comment: John Chambers on why Cisco never bought Skype — GigaOm

This article made me laugh. John Chambers is trying to rewrite history here.

Comment: Juniper acquiring Mykonos Software

Couple of days back, Juniper announced acquisition of Mykonos Software. After reviewing the web site I find that I’m interested in this acquisition as signal of change.


Predicting What Will Be Big in 2012 – Part 1

Following from my predictions on what WILL NOT be big in 2012, finally, my predictions for 2012. Not early, but hey, the future never arrives on time anyway.

Will SDN/OpenFlow be used in the Enterprise ?

Following the OpenFlow/SDN webinar last week, Brad sent me this question:

What does your crystal ball tell you regarding industry acceptance? I can see the Google’s of the world needing this—but what about the average enterprise?

Here is my best effort at answering:

Is OpenFlow Open ? I Ask – Compared to What ?

In this post, I’m considering whether the Open Networking Foundation is the correct process for managing and developing the "open standards" for OpenFlow. The Open Networking Foundation is owned and funded by a cabal of large corporations whose requirements for improving their hyper-scale data centres is the primary motivation. But what about the wider marketplace including the Campus and the Enterprise. I also look at what open means at the controller layer.

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