Why firewalls don’t have Telnet or SSH Clients

I found this on Cyber Corner blog:

Another missing ASA-feature: telnet and ssh client: ” Every single decent Cisco-device on earth has the ability to make an CLI-user jump to another device with telnet or ssh. Except the ASA. I really wish that this feature could be added. Right now I am troubleshooting a firewall and from where I am right now the only way in is to SSH to the ASA. I can do whatever I want inside the firewall from my SSH-window, but I need to access a router inside of that firewall, and if this feature wasn´t missing i could simply run ‘ssh ip-address’ to jump to the switch´s CLI.

Am I the last CLI-.guy on this planet? Please, Cisco? 

Bluetooth hangs in OSX 10.6.6

Occasionally my Bluetooth gets all wrong. Here is quick and brutal fix for bluetooth hangs on OS X.

Erasing or clearing the config on your Netscreen firewall

A short note on how to erase the configuration in your Netscreen firewall. Mainly so I can find it next time….

Debugging ScreenOS on Juniper Netscreen

Debugging on the Netscreen wasn’t all the obvious to me. Because I don’t always work on Netscreens here is a note to myself to remember how to do it.

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