Network Zen: All Feet Are Different

The Master started a session with the following story: “It’s always possible for a person who owns a pistol to shoot themselves in the foot. This is the worst possible outcome because the gun is meant to shoot something else. Missing the target is bad enough but shooting yourself is much worse. ” The Mendicant […]


Network ZEN: Do Not Tell Me About Yesterday, Tell Me About Tomorrow

The Mendicant was angry. Upset. Furious, even.

The Flow of the Network was rarely interrupted and the Mendicant was sure that his abilities and understanding of the flow was growing.

Network ZEN: The Same Problem can Seem Different

Network ZEN on the different solutions and different problems.

Network ZEN – Frames or Packet

Network ZEN – Frames or Packet – The mendicant musings are misguided.

Network Zen – The Flow may only be seen when it is not present.

The Masters were chastened and agreed that the Network is the most important and fundamental part of the Strategy. For without the Network there are no applications, the servers have no purpose, desktops have nothing to do, and storage has nothing to store.

Network ZEN: OSPF or EIGRP

Network Zen on choosing OSPF or EIGRP routing protocols

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