Nerdgasm: Arista 100GB Ethernet Just Blew My Data Centre Design Up

Today, Arista announces the availability large scale 100GB Ethernet for 7500 chassis and it looks like a serious change in the way network hardware is priced and will change the way you look at network hardware.


Unicorn Greatness with Ivan Pepelnjak.

Yes! That’s Ivan Peplnjak. On a Unicorn. With rainbows. Thanks to Jon Hudson – follow him @the_solutioneer

Network ZEN: OSPF or EIGRP

Network Zen on choosing OSPF or EIGRP routing protocols

Nerdgasm:SRS WOW for iTunes – magic

If you listen to music on your computer (not iPod) then this tool is a must have.

Nerdgasm: Laptop Art – gotta have some

I have artwork on my laptop. It’s my way of sticking it to corporate culture. Sit down in business meeting with a laptop of bright colours – looks of envy! Make the world a happy place.

The Real Job Description for Network Architect

Recently, I was asked to write the Job Advertisement for my own role (yeah, personal development thing). I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to write a follow on to What is a CCIE ?. —Warning Sarcasm Ahead—

Nerdgasm: Cisco ACE Web Application Firewall announced

Cisco announces the Web Application Features for the ACE module

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