Musing: Does Oracle Prove that OpEx Beats CapEx in the Enterprise ?


Oracle has a tough quarter with its top line business shrinking quickly as developers choose open source databases instead. – Source: Bloomberg At a business level, there is definitely a trend by corporates to “avoid” Oracle as licensing fees have increased dramatically to reach a pain threshold that CIOs cannot ignore. While the choice for […]

Musing: HP Networking Futures after deals with Aruba & H3C


HP Networking will acquire Aruba and now it is selling 51% stake in H3C to a Chinese venture capital firm.  What could this mean for HP Networking customers ?  The sale of a controlling interest in H3C means that HP Networking has government support (blessing?) to sell products in China. The Chinese government has been […]

Musing: Subscription License Economics


The rise of software licensing in networking changes some of my assumptions about the 5 year cost of ownership of products. Roughly, lets assume that you are buying virtual appliances like firewalls, DNS/DHCP, IDS/IPS, proxy servers and load balancers and that you pay some type of yearly license to use the product. Capital Upfront The legacy […]