Musing: Working for Companies in Financial Trouble

Your employer is having financial problems. There is a lot of pressure to do “more with less”, to pull together and “do the deals”, close the sales before end of quarter. But really, what do you owe your employer in the modern era ? What is best for you ? This situation is one where the modern paradigm of fail fast, fail often and fail early applies.


Musing: Observations on IBM sale of Server Division to Lenovo

Reuters reports that Lenovo has bought the server division of IBM. Some observations from my perspective.


Musing: VMware Pays More for AirWatch for VDI than Nicira for SDN

As a network professional, it can be difficult to maintain a sense of perspective in relation to other areas of IT. Certainly, networking is the foundation on which all other services depend but it isn’t all that important to customers overall. VMware announced that it was buying AirWatch to boost it’s VDI capability in mobile […]


Musing: 40GbE BiDir Optics Means Less Cable In The Data Centre

Many people are noticing that part of the Cisco ACI announcement includes mention of 40GbE BiDi optics where a 40GbE SFP needs only two MMF fibre cores for 40GbE connectivity. It’s worth noting that all vendors will also ship BiDi optics in the near future. For example, Arista is promoting a single mode 40G BiDi […]


Musing: Cisco ACI Validates The Independent Network Operating System Model

The Cisco Nexus 9000 supports two versions of network operating system on the device. You can buy some models of the Nexus 9000 family today that run NX-OS just like the NX6K, NX7K etc and late in 2014 “NX-OS Plus” will be available. Two operating systems for the same switch isn’t new for Cisco if you remember the switch […]


What Does Programmable Networking Mean ?

In a recent discussion someone asked the relatively simple question “What does Programmable Networking even mean ?” and, after I stumbled around trying to explain, agreed to write something that attempted to explain what I see as the basic requirement that networking has not met. Here are some ideas just jotted down to open the discussion a bit wider.

Musing On the VMware “versus” Cisco Thing

The VMware versus Cisco thing is overstated. It’s easy to conflate issues with all the excitement. The reality is that many customers have Cisco networks and will use VMware. They want Cisco & VMware to be partners. Customer first is corporate policy at both of these companies therefore Cisco & VMware will be partners. VMware has a software defined […]


Musing: Predicting What Insieme Might Announce at Cisco Live

Conceptually, I’m not big on predicting what specific companies will or will not do. That’s what analysts are supposed to do. But we have talked plenty about Insieme over the last year and I feel like taking some guesses at what might be announced at Cisco Live US next week in an areas I think I know something about. It could be fun or foolish but I’ll take the punt. What the heck.

Worklife: Delivering the Design, Management Competency & Agile Projects

Quick extract

Big Vendor Head Shuffles at the SDN Curling Rink

Curling is a sport that involves people tossing a rock down an ice rink and then using brooms to guide it’s path. That’s a pretty apt description for employer changes in the SDN/OpenFlow space in the last few months. David Ward was leading the SDN portfolio at Juniper. Rumour has it that John Chambers saw […]

Cisco Value in vCider is All Programmable Networking

Cisco recently bought vCider. vCider gives Cisco tools for cloud bursting and a proven network driver to deliver overlay networks. It’s a significant boost to their Programmable Networks strategy and definitely an SDN play.

The vCider technology was architecturally similar to Nicira by building tunnels overlays in a network and, in my view, many people are incorrectly misinterpreting this as the core value on the acquisition.

I would posit that there are two aspects to vCider that Cisco is likely to extract value from. 1 – Network driver in Linux. 2 – Cloud burst networking

Musing: The Dim Future of Cisco ACE & WAAS

Tony Bourke draws attention to the Barrons report that Cisco is scaling the back the ACE : Though even if it were true, it wouldn’t necessarily mean Cisco has given up on ACE. It could signal that Cisco is no longer interested in selling the ACE30 service module, preferring instead the ACE 4710 appliance and/or gearing up […]

You don’t have to hit the ball out of the park to have a home run

When planning your career you need to make several path choices. And everyday work is part of taking a single step down that path. Somedays you just need to get the job finished to be a success. You don’t have to be excellent and awesome every single day. In fact, sometimes it’s preferable to finish […]

Musing: Visio 2013 – Some Review Thoughts

Somewhere in my RSS feeds I ended up looking at Visio 2013. Somehow, with all the fuss about Office 2013 it didn’t occur to me that there would be a new Visio. Visio is something of a burden and blessing. A blessing in that it works OK for network diagrams. Like a old soldering iron, […]


IETF RFCs and Pagination. Still necessary ?

I don’t read every IETF RFC but I try look over a lot of them in my RSS reader as they are published. The IETF RFCs are all paginated like this, which is annoying. It’s not good politics to alienate the International audience this way.

Musing: Private Clouds is Next. VMware and Nicira is about that.

It’s my personal suspicion that we might be approaching the start of the Private Cloud era. The herald is probably Microsoft getting their Office 2013 cloud package off the ground. By the time big companies, and especially Microsoft arrive, you realise that the early and exciting phases of public cloud are over.

Response: Cisco Blog – What Comes Next with Cisco and the ONF?

Omar Sultan writes on the Cisco Data & Cloud blog ….. We continue to strongly support ONF and its efforts related to SDN and our support has and will continue to been demonstrated in tangible ways.  One of the elements of the Cisco ONE announcement is onePK, which is an enabling technology and one of the […]

Watch out Cisco. Huawei’s coming!

In this piece, Stacey talks about the arrival of Huawei in America. When Huawei arrived in Europe about three/four years ago, Cisco lost a LOT of business especially when BT and other carriers changed their standard purchase to include Huawei on the approved list. Huawei had a rocky start with widely known hardware failures […]

My Networking Beliefs

Someone wrote me and asked “Greg, What do you believe is the future of Networking”. Here is my (mostly) humorous response.

Musing:Cloud Data, Ownership and Government Sponsored Data Theft

Pondering on data ownership, and whether governements could legally steal data from offshore organisations

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