AWS Summit London – Come For The IaaS, Stay For the PaaS

I attended the AWS Summit in London yesterday. Here are some observations in no particular order. Come for the IaaS, Stay for the PaaS. AWS made a strong case about their portfolio of software services such as AWS Lambda, Cloudformation, KMS and Cloudtrail. Its no longer just compute, storage and networking its all about the […]

Thought for The Day: NetBIOS over IPX

Screenshot of Wireshark (31-03-2015 10:49:13)

I found a capture file from 2002. I must have been troubleshooting name resolution of NetBIOS over IPX for print servers because I am only capturing broadcasts on the Ethernet segment. And Wireshark can still open a data format from 15 years ago and render the data.   I surely do not miss these days. […]

Musing: HP Networking Futures after deals with Aruba & H3C


HP Networking will acquire Aruba and now it is selling 51% stake in H3C to a Chinese venture capital firm.  What could this mean for HP Networking customers ?  The sale of a controlling interest in H3C means that HP Networking has government support (blessing?) to sell products in China. The Chinese government has been […]

The End of WHOIS ?

The convergence trend on HTTPS protocol continues to gather momentum. This time it is the venerable WHOIS protocol that is poised to be replaced with RDAP over HTTP.