Outbursts for 10 April 2010


VCE vBlock – Look Mum! No cables Two Cisco UCS chassis and dual UCS6200 fabrics. And bugger all cables. That’s what I like about UCS. Permalink | Leave a comment  » Tech Field Day – Boston 2010 – photos Hot Dogs at the Red Sox baseball ground. Oh, and beer.   Carlo Costanza in the middle.  Robin […]

Outbursts for 9 April 2010


Photos from Afternoon of TechFieldDay – vKernel Virtualisation Discussion on the back of the Bus. Getting from place to place to meet the vendors in THEIR OWN offices means a lot of moving around. And waiting. Turns out you CAN fit sixteen geeks in those lifts. ! Through the front door at vKernel Participating in […]

Outbursts for 3 April 2010

YouTube – Thanks Backup! The sequel… via youtube.com Social Marketing at it’s very best. The first one was equally funny. Cisco could learn a whole bunch on intelligent marketing from this instead of the current lameass work. Permalink | Leave a comment  » YouTube – Master of Business Card Throwing via youtube.com Awesome Permalink | Leave […]

Outbursts for 1 April 2010


Software Activation on Cisco Integrated Services Routers and Cisco Integrated Service Routers G2 – Cisco Systems Software Activation on Cisco Integrated Services Routers and Cisco Integrated Service Routers Generation 2 First Published: October 20, 2009 Revised: March 29, 2010 This document describes the activation process for Cisco software on Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) and […]

Outbursts for 31 March 2010


evilrouters.net ª Blog Archive ª Authenticating Cisco Devices Against Active Directory via evilrouters.net Awesome. Simple but if you don’t know how it’s done, you need to watch this. Permalink | Leave a comment  » Cisco – we make toys too Linksys appears to be dead. And our favourite Corporate and Enterprise company now sells plastic toys. […]

Outbursts for 30 March 2010


Cisco "Announcing Breakthrough Innovations" for Data Centre ? YAWN Feeling underwhelmed already ? Or is that just me ?  The recent marketing failures from Cisco mean……..I’ll be washing my patch leads that day.  Top 5 Things About Cisco Says ìInternet to Change Foreverî Event Today – Etherealmind And for those of you who don’t remember Cisco CRS-3: Is […]

Outbursts for 29 March 2010


HP has a Cat6500 equivalent ? I was flipping through a HP ProCurve product thingie and saw this. Do they really think that they have a product that has the same feature set as the C6500 ? Or is that just marketing spin. Problem is, it’s quite difficult to find detailed information on the HP […]