Outburst Response:Cloud oh sorry I mean….Clown Vendors.

Josh O’Brien gets toey about conference attendees. I agree.   <blockquote>Now on to you Ass Hats who call your self IT professionals.  If you just spent $3000 to $8000 or so of your company’s training budget to come to an IT conference to get vendors to give you cheap plastic toys, get 100 tshirts, grope […]

Why Do Hackers Want Facebook Data, Part I of II – Imperva Data Security Blog

Everyone thinks that Facebook doesn’t know much about you. But a 1200 page PDF file of personal data seems excessive. And this article explains why it’s bad for your social health if entities can get at that data (usually via Facebook apps). I’m worried, you should be too. Also, Security and Networking  Professional should not […]

Rant: Who is Cisco’s Customer ? Me or the reseller ?

I resent the fact that Cisco partners get more information than Customers on Cisco’s website. Shows you who Cisco thinks the Customer really is.

What special powers do resellers have that makes them more effective ?

How does withholding information from Customers give a better outcome ?

Me ? Many resellers are not competent enough to be business and need a headstart to be useful to customers. Without some sort of “special needs” assistance, they wouldn’t be in the race.

Too harsh ? IBM and HP don’t rely on resellers to win business. Why does Cisco ?

Outburst: Oh really ?! Telstra throws AU$800m at clouds – The Register.

Oh, wow. Look at that — a little bit of rounding and you have $800 million. Anyone want to take a bet that 100% growth every year for five years is grossly unlikely ?

Do you think that allocating 0.01% of their gross revenue to a “cloud” project is big money ? Then consider that their broadband rollout projects is measured in the billions, every year.

Not such a big cloud project at all. Not even really committed. Pocket money at best for some executive who convinced the business it’s the “next big thing”. Compare this with the money spent at Amazon / Google / Facebook for a single data center.