Sponsored: Brocade Virtual Symposium – Storage Convergence

Continuing the series from the Brocade Virtual Symposium, a special video event  that was sponsored by Brocade, we got Chip Copper (Solutioneer) in the room with Stephen Foskett to talk about storage convergence.

Over the last few years, I’ve been very critical of Ethernet storage protocols like FCoE and the fact that storage protocols are unlikely to work well. There are few times here where Chip was able to give answers and a different viewpoint that gave me a different take on the solutions. If you are into converged storage and how Brocade brings some unique features to market, then this is a great roundtable discussion by people who work with the technology every day. This is a real discussion, not a scripted session.

Brocade Virtual Symposium – Converged Networking and Storage from Vimeo Source

Here are some of the topics that we covered:

  • What’s stopping convergence and what’s driving it?
  • Who owns responsibility organizationally?
  • What protocols (Fibre Channel, FCoE, iSCSI, or even NFS) “count”?
  • Contrasting the financial benefits with the management complexity.
  • A discussion of other protocols (especially iSCSI) over lossless-Ethernet (DCB)
  • Comparison of buffer credit mechanisms (as in Fibre Channel) with pause mechanisms (in DCB Ethernet)
  • Demands on Ethernet hardware design to support converged traffic (less over-subscription, larger buffers, etc)
  • The heavy demands placed by solid state storage on storage networks
  • The role of Ethernet fabrics in converged networks
  • The challenge of ETS (802.1Qaz) and DCBX for storage vendors
  • Considering the difficulty of implementing congestion notification (802.1Qau) in network hardware

Speakers for this event are:

Stephen Foskett – http://blog.fosketts.net

Tony Bourke – http://datacenteroverlords.com

Josh O’Brien – http://staticnat.com

Chip Copper – Brocade Solutioneer – http://ethernetfabric.com