Brocade Tech Day – Video on Networking

While I was at the Brocade Tech Day 2012, they forced me to sit in front of a camera with Jon Husdon from Brocade and talk about Networking and Virtualisation. Thanks to Stu Miniman as the host of the the SiliconAngle Cube. It was interesting discussion for about 20 mins.

Topics (sort of)

  • Open Source and Standards – can VMware do it (answer – no)
  • Standards are complex
  • Management needs meet the technology halfway
  • Will Intel change networking by including networking features in the CPU

The EtherealMind View

I hate being on video as I’m uncomfortable with how I appear, the way I talk and move – hard to watch. You can more or less listen to this since we are actually demonstrating anything and I think it’s good content. Watching people’s head bob around isn’t very interesting.


Brocade paid for my travel and accommodation to attend this event. I didn’t receive any other consideration or control over my content.