Internets of Interest:6 Mar 11

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 6 Mar 11:

  • Chambers Challenged – – Forbes Magazine doesn’t just give Cisco and Uncle John a kicking, they piss on them as well.

    Overnight the extraordinary Cisco, for years a global tech-sector bellwether, became just another big company, not too unlike a certain software giant in Redmond, Wash. During the Internet bubble Cisco was briefly the world’s most valuable company, but now it and Microsoft together have a market cap about equal to that of Apple.

    Everything Forbes says echoes my own opinion. Cisco is coming apart at the seams and customers, like me, are feeling the failure. Forbes can see it from the business end – the numbers are looking grim too.

  • HP Networking ñ The Vision(As I Understand It) ´ The Network Therapy Blog

    HP wants to be number 1 in networking. They lead in every other one of their sectors like servers and laptops. They have the marketing know-how and a growing number of people out there who are getting tired of paying Ciscoís premium. The question is, do they have the right technology to pull it off? Iíll leave you with that question to ponder. 

    Agree. HP isn’t showing much delivery except in the mid-market where price is the primary decision maker. I need some technology leadership or some clear plan.

  • Why providers still prefer IS-IS over OSPF when designing large flat topologies! ´ Routing Freak! – You will never win the IS-IS vs OSPF argument. But Manav has a go and makes a good summary of the arguments.

    I personally dont agree to any one of the reasons listed above and anyone who favors IS-IS over OSPF for the above reasons is patently mistaken. These are all extremely weak arguments and have mostly been overtaken by reality. Lets look at each one by one. 

    Me ? IS-IS if I’m working for SP, OSPF if I’m in the Enterprise. “It Depends ™ “

  • Cisco IOS Hints and Tricks: The Data Center Fabric architectures – Ivan Pepelnjak is on fire this week. I love the idea of developing our own words and upsetting the marketing blockheads…….delicious.

    n the Borg architecture (lovingly known as stacking on steroids) numerous switches decide to form a collective and elect the central brain (or outsource the brainy functions to an external device) that controls the whole hive. The cluster of devices appears as a single control- and management-plane entity to the outside world. Itís managed as a single device, has a single configuration and one set of routing adjacencies with the outside world. 

  • Cisco IOS Hints and Tricks: Donít lie about proprietary protocols

    Link state routing in VCS-based TRILL networks is performed using Brocadeís proven Fabric Shortest Path First (FSPF) protocol. 

    Brocade always seems to act like they hate their customers, or think they are idiots at least. Like, really, if they don’t want to do ethernet then just make FIbreChannel. Don’t pretend to be something else. Nice tipoff from Ivan.

  • Damn You Auto Correct! ª 15 Most Popular Autocorrects From February 2011 – HUGE LOLZ.
  • Do we now need a security IOS license simply to provide OSPF authentication for IPv6? ñ UPDATED | Darren’s CCIE mission – Good catch by Darren. You need an Advanced Security IOS license to configure OSPFv6 authentication. Gee, thanks Cisco°