Internets of Interest:2nd Nov 09-5th Nov 09

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 4th Nov 09:

  • What the Cisco/EMC/VMware Trinity Means For Cloud Computing
  • Stacey Higginbotham and gigaom is also dubious about the Cisco/EMC/Acadia matchup. Points out the neither Cisco or EMC are good at open systems :??

    Another big issue here is the openness of the platform. None of these players are known for their embrace of open software, and most are far more famous for squeezing high margins out of proprietary code. IBM and Rackspace have been pushing for some type of open cloud effort, which it defines as being built through a standards group. Vblocks are a refutation of that model, and of the idea that commodity hardware will underlie most clouds.

    It’s a good point.

  • Slashdot Technology Story | The Machine SID Duplication Myth
  • having multiple computers with the same machine SID รณ doesn’t pose any problem, security or otherwise. I took my conclusion to the Windows security and deployment teams and no one could come up with a scenario where two systems with the same machine SID, whether in a Workgroup or a Domain, would cause an issue. At that point the decision to retire NewSID became obvious.’ He concludes: ‘It’s a little surprising that the SID duplication issue has gone unquestioned for so long, but everyone has assumed that someone else knew exactly why it was a problem. To my chagrin, NewSID has never really done anything useful and there’s no reason to miss it now that it’s retired.


    What else can I say ? Collective stupidity at it’s best.

  • Guest Post: Yahoo’s Cloud Team Open Sources Traffic Server
  • Yahoo open sources their traffic management server for their website. The software is a proxy, authentication server, load balancing engine, application delivery, filter and more. Supports plugins and field tested for very large installations.

    Blue Coat, F5 and Citrix could well see drops in revenue as dot com companies use this in their startup stages. And once used, this would stop most dot coms from ever looking at appliance technology.

  • Storage firm Drobo gets mysterious cash injection • The Register
  • Drobo raises $10 million for unknown purposes. I get to meet them next week at the GestaltIT Tech Field Day where there may be an announcement. I wonder ?

  • Intel Software Network Blogs » Windows 7 Brings Consolas Font to Command Prompt
  • How to use the Consolas Font in Win2K8.

  • Internet Society Publications – The ISP Column
  • Geoff Huston writes about proceeding at the RIPE59 meeting. Comments on DNSSEC and its progression are very interesting, especially that America wants to hold the root signing key. Clearly, not many countries are going to be happy about that. : ?

    ?The path chosen to sign the DNS root does not appear to go very far in allaying the concerns of those who believe that US Government agencies maintain an excessive level of potential influence over this somewhat critical element of Internet infrastructure. VeriSign is to perform the zone signing function and ICANN is to hold the Key Signing Key.