Internets of Interest for 5th May 2013


Collection of useful, relevant or just fun places on the Internets for 5th May 2013 and a bit commentary about what I’ve found interesting about them:

Schneier on Security: The Public/Private Surveillance Partnership

Soon, governments won’t have to bother collecting personal data. We’re willingly giving it to a vast network of for-profit data collectors, and they’re more than happy to pass it on to the government without our knowledge or consent.

So, governments don’t need to collect data they can sequester it from private sources using legal agreements. I guess that saves money at least. To the Cloud!

Are You a Fuddy Duddy? – Russ White at Packet Pushers is talking about the fact that older engineers may not “learn faster” but they make better decisions because of their experiences that get the job done quicker and better…..

The IEEE article this chart comes from emphasizes that a recent “natural experiment” in coding skill actually shows that older coders are better than younger ones — that as “fluid intelligence,” converts to “crystallized intelligence,” coding skills actually increase. I think there’s a point to be made that if you’re learning as you grow older, what you’re actually doing is assimilating new things into frameworks you already know. In fact, I would go so far as to say that this is one of the most efficient ways to learn is by putting new knowledge into old frameworks

Gauging Interest of a Technical Career Site | PacketUPacketU – Paul Stewart is loooing for supporters and input for a new set:

I’m very seriously considering the launch of a technical career site. This site would be focused on readers who are entering the technical field and those professionals looking forward in their technical careers. The target audience would be the US due to my familiarity, but I believe the information would be useful globally. We would address challenges like getting the first job, interviewing skills, experience, searching for a job, writing resumes, managing people, geography, etc.

dataduke/mac-taskpaper · GitHub – I’m still looking for the right tools for to-do. OmniFocus has failed me, I’ve tried Clear but I always keep coming back to a anotebook with pen & paper. Maybe this theme on Taskpaper is what I need. Wiill try it out.

Throw Out Your Resume

Universities and colleges are 10 years behind the curve. They’ll teach you how to apply to large enterprise corporations with recruiting policies written in the 90s. You don’t want to work for those corporations. You don’t want to work in a cubicle farm. You’re young and exciting. You want to work for young, exciting companies

Written by a startup looking to recruit suckers/graduates but still some good advice in there for programmer types.

The End of Solution Sales – Harvard Business Review – Harvard Business Review talking about the fact that customers are now smarter than their suppliers and negotiating from a position of strength.

But customers have radically departed from the old ways of buying, and sales leaders are increasingly finding that their staffs are relegated to price-driven bake-offs. One CSO at a high-tech organization told us, “Our customers are coming to the table armed to the teeth with a deep understanding of their problem and a well-scoped RFP for a solution. It’s turning many of our sales conversations into fulfillment conversations.” Reps must learn to engage customers much earlier, well before customers fully understand their own needs. In many ways, this is a strategy as old as sales itself: To win a deal, you’ve got to get ahead of the RFP. But our research shows that although that’s more important than ever, it’s no longer sufficient.

Have a skim through the comments from the “sales professionals” who think that customers are just a “game” that can be played” if you have the right strategy and understand the rules. Disgusting abuse of the sales process.

How I know Google Fiber uses GPON « – Matt Stone pokes a stick into the Google fibre rollout: So here’s what I think Google is actually doing. I believe they’re running a dedicated piece of glass to each home, and I think they’re splitting it at the head end. Which makes perfect sense for two reasons. For one you can never achieve perfect split ratios in the field. If you have potential for 32 ONTs off one port you’ll usually end up with like 10 or 15 customers at best on that line depending on adoption rate and density. If you locate all the splitters in the head end then you can achieve a perfect 1:32 split on each GPON port. Driving equipment costs down. Not to mention if you have a business customer in the future that wants to move to 10G and beyond you don’t have to run a new piece of dedicated glass to them. You can simply move them from the splitter to a individual port and roll on.

Slant – What are the best programming fonts? – Voting site for the best programming fonts. I use Consolas mostly but I’m warming to Source Code Pro.

Houdini – Great App for Mac OS X (and it’s free)

Houdini is a free Mac menu bar utility that hides inactive applications. Stay focused and clutter-free with Houdini.

Houdini remembers your settings and even lets you configure timeouts on a per-application basis. / Orbit – Your App.Net account has 10GB of storage space. This Mac OS X app lets you use that storage for files, images etc. Simple drag/drop interface.