Internets of Interest for 4th January 2013


Collection of useful, relevant or just fun places on the Internets for 4th January 2013 and a bit commentary about what I’ve found interesting about them:

‘Play with my V spot’ | VentureBeat – Really, it’s 2013 people. We need to move beyond 1950’s and stop using sex to sell products. This marketing is particularly offenisve. You should see those photos – it’s just about porn. Jolie O’Dell get ranty at VentureBeat (and rightly so)

More than all that, though, I regret that you guys at Voco will probably write this off as the angry rantings of some hairy-legged women’s libber. But believe it or not, the views I’m expressing are the views of many consumers — you know, the people you’re trying to ultimately reach through your marketing efforts at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas? And if you want consumers to do you the great favor of purchasing your products, you can’t treat half of them like sex dolls and call it “playful.”

Now, let’s get back to the news, shall we? This time, with less vagina hatred.

We need more women in tech and this type of stupid needs to stop.

An Open Letter to the Packet Pushers Community – The business/process/manager part of my personality enjoyed this immensely. And hated it at the same time.

Again, the majority of these questions can be answered based upon the requirements of a business and the available technology at any given point in time. A living, breathing design document that incorporates these business requirements that translate into technical specifications and configurations could be hugely important to our industry to promote best practices.

Network problems last Friday · GitHub Blog – Github had a spanning tree loop.

We experienced 18 minutes of complete unavailability along with sporadic bursts of slow responses and intermittent errors for the entire day. I’m very sorry this happened and I want to take some time to explain what happened, how we responded, and what we’re doing to help prevent a similar problem in the future.

Interacting With The Cisco ASA CLI Using The HTTPS Interface – Scripting – everywhere is scripting …

One of the coolest uses for accessing the CLI using HTTPS is scripting. You can use it on a Linux CLI or in scripts to get periodic output for something like perfmon. Or in cronjobs to get output from the box without having to fumble around with expect scripts. Note that in this case, you’ll probably have to irresponsibly specify authorization credentials inline. Or store them in a script if you want to dodge leaving auth traces in your history file. So be careful what systems you run scripts like this from.

Network Janitor | On the Premature Death of Spanning Tree and the Indiscriminate Killing of Canaries – Talking about Spanning Tree and Ethernet Fabrics

The Magical Healing Powers of Woven Unicorn Hair Fabrics
Somewhere over the rainbow, far beyond the Dark Forest of Broccoli Despair, many magical elves have worked hard to deliver us a the perfect solution to the problems I listed above. Vendors have taken this creation and moulded into their own “Fabric Solutions”. Some created skinny jeans, others an uncomfortable sweater vest. Sadly most of the time they have just presented us with a sensible pair of slacks that the sales people try to sell as a three piece suit.

Palo Alto Networks Security Bypass – Take 2 – YouTube – Youtube video showing how to bypass the ID Cache in Palo Alto firewalls. Vulnerability in place for more than a year and probably unsolveable – disabling caching would cause significant performance loss and software dysfunction. Palo Alto don’t look like a security company right now.

Also, the video appears anonymous. Is someone scared to call it out ? Are Palo Alto hiding something ?

LISP presentation at NANOG 55 – This presentation is from NANOG 55. I found it useful to explain a lot of the background around how the LISP Map servers are esigned a certain way, and some of the motivations around the technology.

The Implementation of Perl 5 versus Perl 6 – Modern Perl Books for modern Perl programming – Chromatic is a key part of the Perl community. He says that Perl 6 is long way from ready, maybe another 5 to 10 years sin because the compiler isn’t fit for use:

Unfortunately, Parrot had already become a tangled mess of poor code written to the wrong design under the aegis of scope creep by that point. We had the opportunity to reduce some of that wrongness, but it never happened. (Yes, I wrote we. I’m responsible for part of that mess in design, implementation, and even management.)

Perhaps the worst part ?

Yeah, Perl 5 has huge flaws in implementation but it delivered working code in a reasonable time period, and it’s not going away. I’d love to use Perl 6 the language, but in the two and a half years since the first release of Rakudo Star, it’s perpetually overpromised and underdelivered, and nothing I’ve seen since then has convinced me it’ll cease to be anything but a toy for the foreseeable future.

Does this affect long term adoption of Perl 5 if the language isn’t moving forward ?

  • Chris Bennett

    Re Perl, FWIW’s, Perl 5 *is* moving forward.. ironically the author of that blog post is also the author of the freely available (online) ‘Modern Perl’ book which, along with the perl modules that it documents in detail, is part of a programming renaissance for the language.