Internets of Interest:4 May 10

Collection of useful, relevant or inane places on the the Internets for 4 May 10:

  • Understanding and Troubleshooting HSRP Problems in Catalyst Switch Networks – Cisco Systems – Whoa. Almost too much information.
  • SNOsoft Research Team: Hacking Your Bank – Great story about penetrating a bank for a vulnerability assessment.
    Because this engagement required stealth, we focused on the social attack vectors and Social Reconnaissance. We first targeted FaceBook with our

  • GNS3 : How to emulate ASA in Ubuntu 9.10 Linux | CCIE Quest – A Video tutorial. Looks very well done.
  • RackTables – With thanks to David Lavalle another open source product for managing your data centre. From the online demo I will be adding this to my evaluation list.
  • Why Network Management Appliances – Terry’s Blog – Terry Slattery has a good post about using appliances for Network Management.
    One of my disappointments with traditional NMS deployments is the need for a cadre of support staff to baby-sit it. That just increases the cost of the system and reduces its time to implement and its value. Appliances win big here because I can just install the hardware and spend a few minutes on the initial configuration and it's learning the network and reporting problems to me.

    I also use appliances, that why CS-MARS was better than CSM. However, we are seeing appliances replaced with VMs and I'm not sure how that is going to work in real life.

  • Ivan Brunello

    I’ve been playing with racktables for a while.
    Great at tracking devices positions
    So-so at tracking IPs (btw there are a bunch of great sw to manage this;
    “ip plan” to name one)
    The biggest missing thing is tracking of “circuits”:

    server –> top-of-rack-patch panel –X–> distribution rack patch panel –> switch.

    no way of connecting 2 patch panels.

    my two cents