Internets of Interest for 30th June 2014

Bookmarks of Good Places to Visit


Collection of useful, relevant or just fun places on the Internets for 30th June 2014 and a bit commentary about what I’ve found interesting about them:

Minimum Viable Bureaucracy, June 2014 Edition // Speaker Deck – Enjoyed this presentation on “Minimum Viable Bureauracy” – some stimulating ideas on how to build better managers of engineers. I’m a big fan of asynchronous mode of communication having had great success with this idea.

Programmatic Interface to Routing – Presentation to NANOG 61 – apparently talking about programmable routing is “controversial”. Where do these people live when they aren’t attending conferences ? Mars ?

SFPTotal – Programmer Optical Transceivers GBIC, SFP, SFP , XFP, QSFP. – Nice overview of using OEM SFPs in vendor locked switches. Most transceivers refuse in the third party-party switches, and do not exceed a predetermined speed or cease to maintain the necessary protocols and formats.

Cooper Hewitt: the typeface by Chester Jenkins | Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum – This beautiful font is an excellent complement for technical diagrams. it is highly visible, server and condensed. It has an Open Font License and can be used for any purpose.

The new typeface, Cooper Hewitt, is a contemporary sans serif, with characters composed of modified-geometric curves and arches. Initially commissioned by Pentagram to evolve his Polaris Condensed typeface, Chester Jenkins created a new digital form to support the newly transformed museum. 
“Developing this typeface specifically for Cooper Hewitt has been enormously gratifying,” said Jenkins. “Instead of building on the Polaris structures, I drew everything from scratch, using the existing forms as a rough guide for letter widths and master-stroke thicknesses.”

Why Does Everyone Look Hotter in Sunglasses? — Science of Us – Except me. Because I keep losing them.

And now, Science of Us attempts to unravel the answers to a summertime question of monumental importance: Why does nearly everyone instantly look more attractive with sunglasses on?

  • Jan-Erik Mångs

    > Where do these people live when they aren’t attending conferences ? Mars ?

    They are probably busy operating the core of the Internet? :-) And from that position, much of the SDN-hype does not make that much sense. I2RS seems more appropriate for “them” though. Keep an eye on I2RS