Internets of Interest for 29th January 2013


Collection of useful, relevant or just fun places on the Internets for 29th January 2013 and a bit commentary about what I’ve found interesting about them:

Ice Cream Cyanide – “Unicorns from HELL” – YouTube – Because “Unicorns”.

Remote Access Bake-Off

In the end we chose a solution that utilizes the Juniper MAG series Pulse gateways. This was based on many factors including features, pricing and scalability. As a second factor we have made the choice to move towards an internal PKI solution from Microsoft

I love hearing about other people’s experiences.

Five Things About Mentoring – Ethan Banks is talking about the process of sharing knowledge and experience.

The payoff is a stronger team, not a weaker you. Some folks don’t like to mentor, because they feel threatened when someone else knows some of what they do. They feel that their unique knowledgebase is a secret to be preserved because, in their mind, that makes them invaluable to the organization. If they share their knowledge, that somehow reduces their value and puts them at risk. Nothing could be further from the truth. Reality is that if you’re the oracle of all network knowledge, you’re not invaluable as much as you are a bottleneck. You’re probably working too many hours. You’re probably stressed. You’re probably burnt out, or headed that way. You’re probably moody and unpredictable to work with. Make yourself more valuable by sharing with others in the IT team what you know.

Must read post.

Security Superstition – Nope, never seen this ….. NOT¡

The business of information security seems to be more about superstition than science. The CISO is just another slob who desperately wants to believe that some sexy, new technology will keep the Big, Bad Wolf of APT from blowing the organizational house down. Eventually, the inevitable intrusion occurs and the latest acquisition winds up on the dung heap along with all the other broken toys. But is it the fault of the product or unrealistic expectations?

Top 10 Networking Experts You Need to Follow – Good List if you want to know of some other blogger. Ignore the first person on the list, I’d say I was the only one to respond to the questions.

We’ve compiled our list of the Top 10 networking experts who are active bloggers and Twitter users. These individuals have varied backgrounds and professional experiences from networking engineer to industry analyst. While a number of them have been or are employed by networking vendors, their blog posts and tweets are their own words and are not endorsed by any of those companies.

Can OpenFlow research be truly open when it’s vendor-funded? – Independence is always a problem. If only I didn’t have to earn money to make living …. sigh.

A whole range of R&E institutions from Stanford University to Indiana University and Marist College have entered commercial agreements with vendors to develop or test OpenFlow products. Some of these institutions are less committed than others to keeping their research open, but most say the answer is to negotiate as much freedom as possible when forming partnerships with industry and signing NDAs.

Scott Adams Blog: Life of Pi – Movie Review 01/21/2013 – Scott Adams walks out of Life of Pi move after 45 minutes. Best live of the review.

[Note: I realize that many of you will say I should have stayed to the end of Life of Pi because that’s where the payoff is. For those of you who would recommend that approach to moviegoing, you should try banging your head against a brick wall because when you stop, WOW, it feels terrific.]

Best Dilbert joke for while: “Because I feel like a bag of organ meat draped over an electric fence”