Internets of Interest for 27th December 2012

Sorry to publish this late but it got missed over the Christmas break. Normally I’d just delete it but many people like these posts so I’ll publish it anyway.


Collection of useful, relevant or just fun places on the Internets for 27th December 2012 and a bit commentary about what I’ve found interesting about them:

Simulate Network Latency, Packet Loss, and Low Bandwidth on Mac OSX | Architects Zone – Tell all your developers to use this tip to perform latency and lossy network testing on their apps.

Sometimes while testing you may want to be able to simulate network latency, or packet loss, or low bandwidth. I have done this with Linux and tc/netem as well as with Shunra on Windows, but I had never done it on Mac OSX.

It turns out that Mac OSX includes ‘dummynet’ from FreeBSD which has the capability to do this WAN simulation.

BBC News – Has 3D film-making had its day? – No one likes watching movies in 3D and this includes movie directors and producers.

Nic Knowland has been a respected director of photography in Britain for 30 years. He’s seen cinema trends and fads come and go, but never one for which he’s had so little enthusiasm as 3D.

I will not watch movies in 3D because of headaches. Have stopped going to the cinema as a result.

cronnix – OSX crontab editor – Google Project Hosting – GUI Tool for configuring cron on OSX – more accurate than using the CLI.

CronniX is an GUI frontend to the powerful Unix tool “cron”. Cron is a Unix system service that allows scheduled execution of scripts, programs, applications – in short anything that can be started from the command line. This includes OSX applications and AppleScripts.

Top 50 Packet Pushers Blog Posts for 2012

This list represents the top 50 blog posts of 2012, as ranked by page views. Some of these pieces might go back to 2011, depending on just how popular they have been. Each category lists the the most popular pieces first. Take a look, and read through some of these great articles you might have missed.

Using Research to Impact Our Social Media Strategy – Cisco is using “Facebook style” analysis to determine who is cirticising them. It’s called “improving performance” but that’s the same words that Facebook & Instagram use. Creepy.